Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some of My Favorites

I have taken several hundred pictures over the past few days. Yes, I will spare you the burden of looking at them all! Lol. But here are a couple of my favorites that I took on our journey through CA. There are none from San Francisco and Anaheim. Those will have to wait for another post. But I hope you enjoy these!

We saw the sign and Jesse's imagination went wild... so we turned around and followed the signs. We were so glad we experienced this. I've seen pictures of this tree for years and I never thought I'd go see it for real. :-)

I asked Jesse to turn around for this store... there was something so wonderfully magical about that pink and white building. ;-) Btw, we bought three different kinds of toffee and it is the freshest toffee I've ever had. Soooo good!!

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