Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Trip -- Washington 2 -- Babies 'n Things

At the request of my dear sister-in-law...
Isn't this little gal adorable?

The toll bridge.. we paid $5 to cross.

My cousin Kyla. She reminds me of a beautiful fairy or elf.

I can never tell these two apart... so I'm not even going to guess which one is Abigail ....

.... or which one is Isabelle. But they are gorgeous and smart and kind!

Grandma had a spider on her corn plants.

My grandma Caroline and Aunt Gail.

On the other side of the family... Uncle Chet was making my cousin Lucas laugh.


Ava and Lucas.

Ava and Lily.

Eli and Grandma Pat. They are having so much fun!

Steven lost his car. He was so upset about that and never stopped talking about it all evening. Even while were eating chocolate cake.

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