Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life... isn't it exciting? :-)

After all the excitement of moving and Sara's birth, life has slowed down a bit. Dad has not pursued looking at much property while Mom is recovering (and can't exactly go along), but on Sunday (the 29th), they went and looked at two pieces. The first one being an old train depot that had been turned into a house. The owners are unique in their way of life... for instance, they hold to a Russian tradition of throwing their empty glasses at a wall when they are finished with their drink. Glass shards littered the floor in one corner of the living room. To get the house in a livable/workable condition for us, it would take an immense amount of work. It's too bad because living in a retired train depot would have been a lot of fun. :-)

But the trip was not all wasted. A friend of ours went along for the ride and directed them to another piece of property which they liked very much. The only thing about this one is that no one is sure it's for sale (the owner had to abandon it because he was too old and feeble to take care of it and himself)... so we're doing our best to contact the owner.
Cilla (7) informed me today that Sara is tall for her age. :-)

Speaking of age... on April 1st, Sara will be two weeks old! How quickly time flies. Before we know it, she'll be a month old. :-) She is growing and changing a lot. Hannah took some pictures today that I will (hopefully) be posting for your pleasure. :-)

A bit of an update on my health: I have been dealing with fatigue and lack of energy since we moved. I had two and a half good days, today being the last day. I am not sure what is causing it. I am trying to be careful and obeying all of my rules. :-) We are trying to locate a dr. who can do the vitamin C drips for me as I need one or two more to make sure I have kicked what I had totally. Sometimes homeopathic/natural drs are very difficult to see in Canada (not due to eyesight problems, btw :-P) as in some cases one must schedule an appointment 6-9 months beforehand. If it appears it's going to take that long to get a drip, I am not sure what will be happening. Your prayers for God's will to be done are appreciated. :-)

Lately, I have been struggling a lot with fear and worry. I was saying all the right things with my mouth ... “God is in control.” “Isn't God good?” “He has orchestrated my life just fine so far... I can trust Him in this, too!” but I forgot to let my heart know about all of that. This afternoon, I was having a bit of devotions and talking with my Lord when He suddenly opened my eyes to what I was doing. I feel ashamed and so very grateful. :-) Ashamed that it took so long for me to realize how worry and fear were taking the place of my joy and peace. Grateful that God took the time to show me and help me make amends. :-)
I am still thinking the same thoughts but catching a glimpse of what I am actually saying... “Isn't God good?” He is. He's loving, kind... just, wrathful... patient, friend to the friendless... yet pitiless in some instances.... and many other things that I don't take the time to think about often enough. I am trying serve God... and He is awe inspiring.
And yet, what does it all come down to?
“...we love him because he first loved us...”
Get your definition of love right and that verse will knock your socks off. ;-)


Nila said...

She is sweet, and definitely resembles the rest of the Holters. Drop in some time.

Under Southern Skies said...

Your baby sister looks so cute! Yes, indeed God is so good!

Ashley C said...

I had to chuckle at your comment about the Russians... =) Jesse had lots of stories similar to that when he returned from his Russian trip. Actually, it is very sad--their dependency on alcohol,--they lose themselves in it, seeking for joy.
I'm glad all is calming down with your family... Hopefully you will be able to spy a homeopathic doctor soon. =)
Sara is such a sweet, peacefully looking little one!
~~"Socks Knocked Off" =)

Lydia said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts! I am definitely praying for you and your family's various needs. :) I haven't forgotten you--when I have a chance to breathe, I will send you a real letter. :)

Best Life said...

The baby is so beautiful. When you are low...go look into her cradle and remember how precious you are. This time will pass. Let Him use you where you are (I struggle with fatigue as well, so I know how the depression can come without warning). You are in our prayers. Mrs. P~