Saturday, March 7, 2009

Moving Back to Saskatchewan!

My Dad found a place for us to rent in Saskatchewan. All the doors seemed to be closed in MB, so we're heading back to where we moved from.

I am sad and excited at the same time. Sad because we'll be further away from some of the dear friends we've made here in the states... and excited because we'll be going back to some of our dear friends in SK. :-)

My Mom is due on March 8th... two days. She does usually go overdue, which is nice in this case. She seems to be doing well.. and the baby is active. We are thankful for that.

My Dad and the girls are on their way home now and should be arriving this evening/night. Things will probably begin to move rather quickly after they get home. And that's the news from the Holter family of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. ;)


Naomi K said...

The USA will miss you! Oh well - hope your move goes well and your Mom's delivery...

Naomi said...

Thanks Naomi! Hope we can keep in touch through the internet, still... and maybe we'll be able to meet someday. :-)

Ashley C said...

God be with you and yours.

Naomi said...

Thank you, Ashley. :-) I have been reading your blog, btw... my connection hasn't been good for commenting (until tonight ;-))... but you're doing an excellent job. It's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi!
Congradulations to your family on the upcoming birth!
I was so excited to hear your mom was expeting!
I'm sooo sorry I haven't written you back in such a long time. And now I finally have your address for ID and your moving again! :(
Anyway, I've been following your blod recently. Your doing such a good job! You have such a knack for writting.
I'd love to keep in touch if you would like to. I promise I'll do better at writting. :)
We are all doing well here and are all excited about the upcoming birth of our own baby in Sept!
Hope you are doing well. And I'll try to get a letter to you before you leave.
Your Friend,
Laura in TX