Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farm kids and The Law

The other day, Mom was talking about something needing to be fixed and Ruth (4) said, “Duct tape should work.” Spoken like a true farm kid. :-)

Believe it when you hear about a lot of farm repairs consisting of baling twine/wire and duct tape. :-) A few years ago in SK a police officer saw something strange going down the road. He pulled the man over and got out of his vehicle to get a better look.
The farmer was pulling a grain hopper behind his truck, which isn't unusual. The unusual thing was that instead of a proper hitch, he was using baling wire. The officer stood and stared for a minute, scratched his head, got back into his vehicle and drove away.

I love farm police. Hehe. :-)


bekah said...

Lol!!! :D :P

Anonymous said...

That's great.

Best Life said...

Oh we make all kinds of things out of our leftover bailing wire. I have fixed pretty much everything with duct tape at one time or other. Then my husband will discover it and fix it for real. LOL! Lisa~

Naomi said...

Haha! I love that, Mrs. P! :)

bekah said...

Love the new header and background!