Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little bit of this... a little bit of that

My allergies are much better. I am so thankful! I believe it's a combination of our neighbors finally finishing the baling of their hay and my brother Zeke uprooting all the sow-thistle (an herb/weed I have problems with) that was growing outside of our room. Thanks so much for the prayers. :-) I felt them.

Last night was very close with lightening all around but no thunder. I didn't sleep very well but woke up feeling fine. Went for a bike ride and came back feeling very tired. I will be looking forward to a rest tonight.

Hunting season is in full swing and it seems that the woods are crawling with hunters. The girls wear bright orange hunting vests when they go riding. Someone advised them to refrain from riding for a couple months but that was unthinkable. :-) So sticking to the roads and wearing bright clothing seems to the answer.

I'm working on Dickens post #3... and reading about both the French Revolution and the American Revolution. I must say that Dickens view is definitely more unique than the other author's. But Gilbert Morris isn't a bad author for either storyline or style.


bekah said...

Ride safely girls! Enjoy your reading! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your allergies clear up soon; no fun at all :(
It's hunting season here too.... but none us hunt ;)
We got rain on Monday and it was heavenly!! it had been well over 3 months since we'd had a rain like that. I loved it.
I did like some of Morris' books.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes hunting season is here too and they'll be staying at the KOA where we work now as well. My brothers are having to be more careful about riding their motorcycles around too on the backgrounds...not such a great idea right now.

Glad your allergies are clearing up! I know those can be as bad as having a cold.

Rachel Sokolik said...

Thank you for your update onlife! I'm so glad my girlfriends are faithful in blogging since I don't have too much contact with them otherwise. You're very special, Naomi- God bless you!♥