Monday, September 7, 2009

Faith vs. Fear

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. -- Isaiah 41: 13

I've been dealing with allergies the past week. Our neighbors decided to cut their hay field across the road and my sinuses are rebelling against the decision. Haha. :-P
It actually hasn't been that bad until last night. I couldn't lay down for the longest time because when I did, my air would get cut off. That, of course, brought back bad memories of my breathing 'attacks'... along with many other unpleasant thoughts about what it would be like to get pneumonia again. And I began to wonder if this innocent case of allergies would turn into something more serious. That strain of thought went on for what seemed like a long time. Hours of night and early morning passed and I still sat in my bed, waiting until it seemed right to lay down again. Finally, I realized I had been 'hearing' a still small voice that was becoming louder and more insistent.

“I will not leave thee, nor forsake thee.... I will uphold thee with my hand. Fear not what flesh can do unto you.”

When God says to hide His word in our hearts, it is for a very good reason. In the most essential moments, bits and pieces slip in around the cracks of my brain and, like a sharp two-edged sword, strike to the marrow of the matter... and my heart.

I suddenly remembered that even in those worst moments of the past couple of years, I had felt God's presence. So real; so awesome; so holy; so loving; so just. There is no question of His existence in my mind. I know He lives and I know He loves me, as He loves all of His children. And I am amazed and humbled how He takes the time to remind me that it doesn't matter what happens, He will always be there. He will never leave me to battle alone, even when I worry.

Perfect love casteth out fear. -- 1 John 4:17
In God I will praise his word, in God have I put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me. -- Psalm 56:4
When I trust in God it changes the way I look at life. It changes my attitude. Trusting means smiling at a younger sibling when they're being annoying. (After all, not only do they put up with me but practicing patience makes perfect. :-)) Trusting means when I sit before a meal, I thank God for it and the few hours of rest I got the night before. (I was not really expecting to get any.) Trusting means standing with God's hand in mine, face towards the future and eyes lifted heavenwards. Trusting means not beating myself up for not being able to help like my siblings do. Trusting means that I praise God after the latest cough because it didn't hurt and not worrying about the next one. Trusting means concentrating on each breath and feeling thankfulness as each enters and exits my lungs... full, unobstructed and lovely. :-) Trusting means not worrying about whether I'm going to sleep tonight or not, but preparing myself with a few good books. Trusting means finding peace... and expressing true joy and love to those I am around.

Trusting leaves no room for self pity.

I try to live by the minute, aware of the future but not looking to it. Because if I forget this very present time, I lose my purpose. When I think of the days ahead of me... whether they be filled with strength or weakness, I find myself anxious: will I place my faith in God? Or will I forget?
And then, I am back in the present, realizing for a moment that I have indeed forgotten Him! But He never gives up and continues to remind me. Sometimes gently, sometimes not.
I watched a movie today called, “Facing the Giants”. Some of you may have heard of it before. I found it to be a fairly good film and enjoyed it. Of course, it's all about trusting God and making God first in your life. How providential was that?! Right on time for what I'm learning.
Anyway, one line that really hit home was when the two coaches were talking and the mentor coach says, “The Bible says 'fear not' 360 times. I think God meant it when He said that.” (I'm afraid I'm not quoting word for word...)
I know I have written about trusting before, so I hope I am not sounding like a broken record! This is actually more of a reminder for me, but perhaps... someone... somewhere is discouraged right now. If you are that person, I pray that you will come to a place that is right.
We cannot face our fears and struggles alone. We must first start by asking God to take over in all areas of our lives and trust that He will do just that.
Then He will show you the way. I promise. :-)


Jenni said...

Thanks, Naomi. I needed this. :)

Anonymous said...

Facing the Giants is a great movie and a great reminder to on fear.
I've been battling sleep lately and it has been hard to not give into my fears that it will be another sleepless night, instead I try to seek out the peace and presence of God, resting in His arms. And it has helped!
I pray you don't get pneumonia!

bekah said...

Facing the Giants is great!!!! We have it! And good thoughts! Have you ever tried Pollinosan for your allergies? It's the only thing that works for me and I have bad allergies!!!

Naomi said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. :) Fear is destructive, for the most part. I am so thankful for the Lord.

Jaclynn, I've battled with sleepless nights, too. I hope yours get better... try reading books (something very dull and dry) or the Bible (Psalms are really nice). ::hugs::

I know, I loved the movie, too, Bekah! :)
I haven't tried Pollinosan... is it a natural thing?

Singing Pilgrim said...

I have Facing the Giants! Have you seen Fireproof and Flywheel (by the same people who made Facing the Giants)? Flywheel came first, then Facing the Giants, then Fireproof (and each one is better than the last). And apparently their fourth movie, Courageous, is coming out in September.