Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas House

I like Christmas trees and ours is no exception. It's like bringing flowers into the house, except.. bigger.

 I found these lovely burgundy bulbs at the Pharmasave.

See the pottery tea-set? A wedding gift from a friend. We love it.

Deck the halls with... garlands and bows. :-)

My wonderful husband and our dearly beloved cat. Both vying for attention... and receiving it. :-)

Some of you have requested pictures of the new porch. Well, there it is from the inside. Haven't braved the cold air to take any outside.

I made the most delicious bean and tomatoe soup with sausage in it for supper tonight. We had toasted cheese sandwiches to go along with it. So good. :-)


Samantha Twietmeyer said...

But why is that smaller angel hiding behind the Christmas tree??? ... ;)

Naomi T. said...

'Tis the mystery of the season. Haha. :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like you are ready for the holidays! :) Love the shade of those bulbs.

That soup looks delicious! Mmmm...

I love your blog background! Cute with a nice country feel. :)

Naomi T. said...

I really like the background too. It's called "Christmas Quilt". :)

Burgundy and gold really go well together. I put both on the tree this year. :)