Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've been busy. Really, really busy. I have pictures to prove this busy-ness. Unfortunately, the internet speed does not allow me to post said pictures. So you'll just have to believe without the proof. Hehe.

1: For two weeks, we practiced every other day with Downwind for the Oxbow Jamboree. I feel incredibly fortunate that Dianne asked for backup vocals and percussion. Not only did I get to experience singing with her, Paul, Jesse and Leroy, I got to meet the other band members. FYI, they all turn into superstars when behind their instrument and a microphone.

2: August 5th, 2012. Oxbow Jamboree. It was 32* C. If you don't know what that is in F. go to Google. Judging from the number of people who approached different members of Downwind with positive comments, I'd say we did well. My favorite part of the entire process was how the children came right up to the bottom of the stage and stared at us (in awe!) the entire time. I hope we inspired the next generation of musicians/artists.

3: August 7th and 10th were spent in Alameda at Wildflower Organics processing chickens. We did 100 a day. I got paid in chickens and this truly helps with the food bill. Surprisingly, I discovered that I really enjoyed my days, even if I was up to my elbows in chicken blood, feces, internal goo and feathers. The sunshine, the clouds, the wind... it was so nice to be outside for hours at a time. Plus, it feels so good being responsible and helping feed us.

4: Work, work, work. Yes. Plus I've been trying to clean house when I get home... and be a most attentive wife to my man. I love him so!

5: We celebrated 11 months of marriage yesterday and 2 years of first meeting on August 6th. We are so very happy. I wish I could spread the pure joy we feel around the world. People need it right now... especially in Syria.

6: You know our rhubarb plants that I was so excited about? The one that was red all the way through and incredibly sweet? Well, the neighbor may have accidentally killed it. I get tragically sad whenever I think about it. He offered to give us a new plant if ours didn't survive this. I'm really hoping and praying that it did...

7: I made tie-dye cupcakes last night and frosted them this morning. I love colors. Co-op was selling Neon food coloring so I used that. Such bright, magnificent shades!!

8: Eventually I'll try to post pictures of all of these events. But until then, I have to prepare myself for work (yes, I have to work this Saturday) (but next Saturday, I do not!)... Have a wonderful day. I am pretty sure I will. :-)

9: P.S. Jesse came down with a bad sinus cold yesterday. I hate leaving him when he's sick. (Welll... I hate leaving him at any time..)

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