Friday, March 8, 2013

Frozen Moments

On Friday the 1st, we went to up to Lindsey's place for Erin's bridal shower. Here you can see the happy bride (right) and her twin. Beautiful smiles all around!

Erin's ring.

We got to eat awesome things like broccoli...

....and cheesecake!!

Plus, I got to see some of my siblings. 

Always a treat. They grow so quickly.

Erin opened her presents, which were all useful, pretty and numerous. :-)

We all received gifts to take home as well. Lindsey  made these marvelous cookies in a jar for the favors.
I believe I am going to make them for theatre peoples some evening.

Then we came home. And it snowed.

A lot. 
We were storm stayed for all of Monday.
And Jesse caught a cold,
Which he gave to me.
I love him. :-)

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