Friday, February 19, 2010

More interesting Stuff... ;-P

Our darling Dudley... after he finished making a complete mess out of our living room. ;-)

Summer plans:

1: Teaching at a children's camp in the month of July.
2: Helping at another children's camp for the next 6 days.
3: Attending first week of Kenosee Lake Kitchen Camp as a student.
4: Going to John Arcand's Fiddle Fest.
5: Attending second week of Kenosee Lake Kitchen Camp as a student.

Excepting Johnny's Fiddle Fest, our entire summer will be spent at one location. I've never been away from home/family for so long... the longest I've spent away from home was a little over three weeks. This is bordering on 2 months.
My biggest fear is that I will not be the best witness that I can be. The children we will working with are not church going children... they have been sponsored to attend this Bible Camp. It's going to be a challenge. :-) Last summer, the director of the camp came to me and my sisters and asked if we would be willing to teach the next summer. During the conversation, I had a strong feeling that this was what God wanted for me and it hasn't gone away since the moment I heard the request. That alone is amazing because it's not usual for me to feel so strongly about something being God's will. I prayed and others prayed about it and the details have been coming together...
So my fears are unfounded and my excitement is not. I can't wait to experience what God has planned!! :-D

We're making lists of stuff we need to purchase... I would really like to bring as little as possible but it's better to have too much than too little. I hate being away from home and running out of essentials. :-P

It feels good to be on the mend! We're still not 100% but I'm hoping that it will be so, soon. The symptoms from this virus seem to be of the tenacious sort. Some days, I'm good... other days, not so good. We are scheduled for music twice in the near future so we have been practicing each morning before school. Invariably, one of us will have to leave in the middle of a song because suddenly something comes and we can't breath and we're gagging, etc, etc. This morning it was me. :-P Lol. Ever since we've begun practicing, my lungs/back have been hurting quite a bit. It's not too bad but it's getting to where I'm having trouble getting comfortable in any position. However, I'm sure it will pass in time... I'll just have to keep busy to keep my mind off of it. I'm not sure what's happening inside that's making them hurt but I imagine that it's from them being cleared out after having this cold.

We had some 'exciting' times this week when my parents took Sara to the ER to get X-rays of her left ankle, which was very sore. There was literally no swelling... at least that we could tell... and little to no heat. But she was in a lot of pain for a couple days. You feel so helpless when you can't do anything to help. Even Baby Tylenol didn't work that well. :-P Anyway, the X-rays showed nothing was broken. They thought that she had bruised her ankle somehow (we're still wondering how it happened... maybe she slipped while pulling herself up on something?) and that it would simply take time to heal. Since then, she's been obviously in a lot less pain and is starting to put a little weight on it. Such a relief. I hate it when babies are in pain. I hate it when anyone is in pain but it seems worse with babies and young children because they can't tell you how it happened or what hurts, etc.

We have company today... For dinner, we're having fried chicken and mashed potatoes... with tapioca pudding for dessert. It's almost time so I will close this up and get it ready to go for tomorrow. Mom is going into Preeceville so I will have a bit of 'net time, hopefully. :-)

Oh yes. I was going to thank everyone who writes a comment. It makes my day to read what you have to say about my ramblings... In fact, I might even say “I blog for comments”. Lol! :-D Is that bad?


Anonymous said...

No, it's not bad. :) All bloggers know the love of comments!

Susannah {from Sevensisters} said...

You bring cows into the house? I don't know very many people who would do that! We bring goats into our house {baby goats that is}...when they are sick/chilled of course, not just-because :)


Anonymous said...

Glad your little sis will be ok, it is indeed hard when little ones don't feel well or in pain, I guess because they are so young it's not like you can explain to them what is going on and that they will be okay.
Have fun teaching this summer, what an adventure!

Elisabeth said...

Comments are like dessert for bloggers :D

Anonymous said...

Dudley surely is cute!
The plans to teach at the children's camp are exciting and I'm sure will be challenging too. Wow, 2 months away! But God will be with you as He is always.

I hope you all recover from your illness quickly; sounds hard to sing with things the way they are.

Glad to hear that Sara is okay; poor little girl :(

Here's another comment for ya!

Naomi said...

awww, you guys make me smile! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. :)

Susannah, this calf was born on a day when it was -20 or so... so rest assured that animals don't enter our house unless it's necessary. :) My mom has always been really a 'no animals in the house' type person. Lol. Actually having goats in the house would be fun. ;) They are awfully cute when they're small.

Jac, thanks for your thoughts. :) I am indeed looking forward to this summer!

You said it, E! :)

Singing is getting easier for me and definitely easier for the kids. :) So we should be good by Friday, Lord willing!

Sara is doing much better than she was. They called her back into the hospital yesterday because they thought they saw something in the x-rays that they had missed beforehand. But after examining her again, they decided that she was fine. :) I have assurance in the fact that the doctors are willing to admit they possibly made a mistake. Nice to know. :)