Friday, February 5, 2010

Dudley and other things...

Can ya'll believe it's February already?! I'm having a hard time getting over how time flies. I just can't seem to catch up. :-P Zeke is turning 11 on the 9th and we're having homemade pizza and homemade ice-cream. I'm sitting here feeling sorry for you poor mortals who haven't tasted our pizza and ice-cream...

I have been keeping quite busy here lately. It has been so nice getting back into the flow of things. I'm on helping with breakfast dishes again an I'm also working the kitchen more. The other day I made a pie crust for a meat pie (Ellie made the filling) and it turned out very well. I love it when pie crust turns out nice! We make ours with all butter so it can get a little frustrating sometimes. If you get it right, seriously, it's almost to die for. Hehe. Very flaky and tasty.

Has anyone watched the movie “Hidalgo”? A friend just gave it to us and we watched it last night. My sisters have been talking a lot about doing endurance races before watching it! You should see their eyes shine.
And I can't decide whether I like Viggo Mortensen best as a cowboy or as a King in Middle-earth. :-)

We're singing on the 5th (Lord willing) at the Musher's Rendezvous Talent Show. We were going to do our old staple “I've Got the Joy” but it turned out there there were several problems with doing that song this time... So I suggested “I Saw the Light” and no one had a problem with it. Five days ago, I started teaching the kids the words to it. Cilla and Zeke will be singing verse two and Uriah and Ruth and I will be singing verse three. It's so cute watching them sing. Lol! They really get into it. Since we're going to be using microphones at the show, they decided to make some out of Legos to practice. Very cute. I have been trying to keep it fun and keep in mind that it doesn't matter if they are perfect or not. :-) Sometimes I forget. :-P But I think we're actually not doing too bad.

A couple weeks ago, we got 18 inches of snow in 36 hours. It basically stranded us all of the cold north. Since it fell, it has basically just stuck around and looked like it's beautiful self. I was talking to a lady from church and she said that we actually have it better out on the farm with the snow since we have machinery to deal with it. Those poor folks in the city have had quite a time with it. To be honest, I really don't mind the snow that much. It insulates my perennials... and keeps life interesting. :-) :-)

I still feel as though I'm on the mend. PTL!

What have you all been up to? Has God been teaching you anything specific lately?

February 5th, 2010

We had our first calf two days ago. It was a really hard labor and Dad and the girls ended up pulling it. Afterwards, they brought the calf into the house in a box with sawdust in it. As the calf became more and more energetic, the box was in danger of tipping over, so they cut one side of it down. But that led to even more spectacular events. Thank goodness they had taken up the carpet in the living room! Lol! Finally the dear boy was dry enough to be taken outside to be put under a heat lamp in the barn. But not before he managed to make a mess of sawdust and slobber and bunt Sara over in search milk. (She wasn't impressed!) :-) :-) Oh! And part of his stay inside had us tip-toeing around, whispering, “Shhhh! He's almost asleep!” Lol! :-D

His name is Dudley.

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Anonymous said...

I love the name; Dudley; so cute!
I know how messy calves can be but their little faces make up for it ;)

Sounds like you are feeling better; I'm so glad!

I love the lego microphones :)