Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Medium

My family catches the eye. People almost always do a double take the first time they see us. After they are finished with the double take, they usually do one of two things:

1: They set us up on a pedestal of what an ideal family should be.

2: They shun us because they think we think we're better than they are.

It's rare and very refreshing when people take up reaction #

3: Accept and like us for who we are: human beings who have strengths and weaknesses, brilliant observations and misguided ideas, sane moments and others that are characterized by lunacy.

Other than one exception in our Lord Jesus Christ, human beings are... human beings. If I place my hope and faith in any other being than God, I will be disappointed. It can't be helped. Every human being has faults. And guess what? No one knows us as well as God does and no one ever can.

It's not wrong to respect someone. In fact, I appreciate the character of many of my friends and acquaintances. :-) In fact, I'll even go further to say that there are at least two individuals in the world whom I rely on for their wisdom and faith in God... and because I know that they will still like me even if I don't follow their advice. ;-) Friends are a gift from God.
But I've had enough experience with people to know with a surety that perfection resides out of this world. There must be a line to be found between the pedestal and shunning. And since the Bible promises that if we seek we will find, I believe that God will open the eyes anyone who wishes to find that balance.
I find it frustrating when someone looks at me in my denim jumper and long hair and no makeup or jewelry with awe in their eyes. A twenty-three year old girl would actually dress like that? Would actually submit to her authority? Would actually be nice to her younger siblings? (Btw, my siblings are great. Who could not like them? :-)) And these same people tend to feel offended and shocked when I display the part of my character which includes when I do not agree with my authority. Or snap at my siblings instead of dealing calmly with the problem. When I fear tomorrow and forget to trust. Make decisions that they don't think are wise but that I claim are God's will for me. Watch a movie or read a book they think is too worldly.

And it's equally frustrating when people shun me. No, I don't think I'm better than you. (However, if you keep that nose up in the air much longer, I might change my mind.)

I doubt anyone reading this has the same exact beliefs as I do. You may be from one extreme to the other or somewhere in the middle. I don't mind if we disagree or have arguments or if we do agree. But I really want friends. Friends who will stick by me through thick and thin. Friends who like me even after they get to know me.
I don't ask for your praise. I do not ask you to refrain from judging me or be non-critical. I don't ask for you to respect me or disrespect me. I simply ask for your friendship. A love given you by our Lord towards me.

And God willing, I shall the same to you.

For sale: used pedestal. $1567.86 firm or true friendship. :-) :-) :-)


Joanna Grace said...

i like this! this is so true. no matter where you are in life, there are always people who are less strict/more strict than you. . . but that's not what matters. What matters is that we are seeking God and doing His will for our lives. I really think that Christians can have more unity by understanding that everyone is a sinner and we all make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading that...and can relate to much of it too!

Naomi said...

Thanks for the feedback! :) Joanna, you said it. :)