Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Recommendations

note: my apologies for the offensive link! It is now fixed and I highly recommend you brave ones to check it out. :-) I hope I haven't scared anyone off! Lol. :P Again, My apologies.

Since my internet time is so limited, I don't often leave comments but I do read several blogs. :-) I wanted to list some of my favorites...

My friend, Eppie, recently married, more recently pregnant and very, very funny. I love you, E!

Another friend of mine pointed me to this blog and I appreciate her doing so. Jasmine has such a fun attitude towards life... but she's very deep, too. Her blog is a very good read.

Bethany is also recently married. Her blog is full of photographs, scripture, happy thoughts and her signature [smile].

My sister Lydia's blog. Other than the fact that Lydia is my sister, her blog is great fun to read. She has a unique perspective on life that makes me chuckle, shake my head and wonder alternately about her wisdom and stupidity.

Jessica and I have been friends since we first met... at the age of 13. Well, I was 12 and she was just 13. :-) I went to her wedding and have taken real joy in watching her family grow in the years since. :-)

My friend Cheri is a wonderful musician, photographer, blogger and seamstress... not to mention all of her other great qualities.


Our Army of Six said...

I just wanted to let you know you might doublecheck the link for the mildly amusing musings. It was not a very nice link :(

bekah said...

Hello! :) Well I love it when people leave comments for me on blogs. ;) lol And I don't even have a blog! :)Sadly, I already keep up with so many blogs that I won't be checking any of these out. :( But thanks all the same!

Leah said...

Your first blog link is to blog that is very offensive. Maybe it is misspelled?? Otherwise, great recommendations!

Elisabeth said...

Ah, yes, Naomi, you should fix that link, it is rather icky. My actual url is, no blogspot :)

P.S. I'm so happy you enjoy reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

Good blogs there :) I read a few of the same ones myself. But it's always fun to read new ones!
I'll have to read Lydia's for sure ;)

Naomi said...

ohhh, so sorry you guys! My bad, totally. :P I should have checked it out before I posted it. I thought I had it memorized. Lol. :P I will change it ::now::

Thanks for being so forgiving, however. :)