Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life has been interesting.... :-) We got a new strain of the cold we had just gotten over, so some of us have been fighting it again. Thankfully today I woke up feeling much better!

It's good to realize that one can indeed live without a computer but I must say, I really miss writing. I will be so glad to have my laptop working again!

Sara is starting to talk. The other day, she wanted something and I told her that she needed to say "Please" so she did. :-) Then, yesterday, I spotted her and waved, saying, "hello!" and she responded by saying the same thing back to me. It's so cute! I can't get over how fast she's maturing. Ruth didn't start talking until she was over 2 years old. :-) I'm sure Sara will be walking before too long, as well.


bekah said...

Yes, well you're not the only one who misses your writings! :D lol And I may still print the quote...just not sure yet. Some times I think I have it all planned and then God seems to say, "Not that. Not this time." and I'm off trying to decide what's right to print once again. :) But thank you for your help!!!

Anonymous said...

aww, how cute! :)