Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eli Eli's first recording... I must recommend it. :-)

Eli Eli has produced their first recording!

The Nasby family have been good friends to us over the years. We met them the summer of 2002 and have enjoyed the years of fellowship, music, fun and good food. :-) Recently, the three brothers finally finished their first CD, entitled “Risen”.

When I first listened to their recording, I was impressed by the professional sound. They produced it in their homemade studio, working on it over 10 years and the perseverance and diligence they put into their recording is evident.

They wrote/composed all of the songs so it is a new sound you will be hearing. :-) The melodies vary in sound and tempo... some very brisk, some slow and beautiful. They play a variety of instruments and their voices blend in a three part harmony.

Make sure to check out their website at: www.elieli.net

It's a pleasure to call them friends. :-)

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I'll visit their website!