Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hard Steps -- Hard Thoughts

And the sun is shining! For the second day in a row! Yesterday, it shone all day and I was so happy. Finally some sunshine and warmth... add a little wind to that and you have the makings for a semi-wet July. That's rather than a sopping wet July. Which would be sad.

I had a funny moment yesterday at work when I mentioned the weather to an older lady and she answered so like Winnie-the-Pooh's Eeyore, “I wonder how long it will last. All we get is one good day, then the clouds come again.” :-)

Most of my waking moments are spent at work now that I'm here full-time. My boss was right that sometimes you're around your co-workers more than your family. Actually your co-workers become family! Lol. This morning I spent working on deodorant... dusting, checking tags and product, etc. It's a big job but it isn't as difficult as the medical aisle. That's why I always do the medical aisle first.

When I began work here, the floor manager told me that there was a lot of theft in the store. I wasn't sure what she meant by a lot but I have found out. It isn't like you find out something has been stolen every day but it's way more than once a week. I was a little shocked this morning when I discovered that three deodorants (empty spot; computer said we had three in stock) had walked out of the store. Until now, I have not checked every tag to see what is on the shelf and what we're supposed to have but I am beginning to think I should. It will be a big job and take a lot of time... however, I am beginning to think it will be worth it.

Yesterday, I was told to watch a young someone as they wandered through the store. Most of our theft comes from the young people... 12, 13 year old girls... it is disturbing to me. I wonder, “Who taught them?” When I stole from my parents as a young child, my conscience hurt me dreadfully until things were made right. But just as we are taught to be honest, we can be taught to be dishonest. Parents, friends, siblings...? Who is teaching them? Can't someone stop the cycle?

Again, this comes back to the aspect of judging and how do we react to this? How would Jesus act? He knew that Judas was a thief, yet He allowed Judas to carry around the purse. Why? What were His thoughts?


WordsAndPen said...

That is why I considered bias judgment as the 8th capital sin. Check my post here at WordsAndpen/The 8th Capital Sin

Anonymous said...

It's true though. I spent more time at work with people I work for some weeks than I do at home with family. I don't necessarily like it but it's true.

Hmm, theft... I wonder what makes people think it's ok? Were they not taught that it's wrong? Do they want it badly enough and they don't have the money so they are willing to risk it?

Naomi said...

WordsAndPen, thanks for the link.

Samantha, I think spending more time with co-workers is a part of life. At least for a part of life. :)
I'm not sure why we grow accustomed to sin. It is a mystery to me.