Friday, June 24, 2011

I am brace free. So glad! My bottom jaw hurts a lot though.

The other day, a lady asked for nail polish and without thinking, I asked, "Male or female?" 


Lindsey said...

Yay! Hope your jaw is feeling better soon. How long will you have retainers.

lol!! :)

Life has been crazy here but I'm going to make sure I get around to replying to your email this weekend. :)

Bekah said...

Good for you... about the braces! :)

As for the other part, you made me feel so good~ I'm not the only one who does clutzy things like that!!!! :P At work, I am always having to ask people for their library card... so sometimes, when someone comes up to me at other places, even if I know them, I right away say, "May I see your library card please?" ;P

Anonymous said...

Hurray for being brace free!!

male or female? LOL
I wonder what you must have been thinking about.

Naomi said...

Lindsey, I know you've been crazy busy. :hugs: Hope the chickens are ok. My top retainer I will only wear at nights for however long. My bottom retainer, 24/7 (minus eating) for 2 months. As long as they don't hurt, I don't mind. :)

Bekah, you made me laugh out loud!! :D That's awesome. :)

Samantha, I'm not sure what I was thinking about... it just seemed like a really crazy strange response! :D

Bekah said...

Glad to hear that! *winks* I hope your jaw feels better!