Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parental Disobedience -- Article

My friend Abigail reposted this on her Facebook... I read it and found myself so encouraged. Sometimes the path God puts us on is difficult and causes me a lot of discomfort. Haha. But in the end, it is all worth it. Every pain and joy. :-) I hope these words of wisdom will cause you to think and be inspired to follow what you know is right in your heart and soul, regardless of cost.



Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday and found myself really getting a lot from it, a lot of truths!

Naomi said...

Her approach is very thoughtful. It is easy to go extreme either way and it's so good to have advice that helps me be moderate. :)

Anonymous said...

It all depends on if these girls are really listening to the Lord or to Satan.... be careful!! How do you truly know you are be called away from your family by the Lord? Is it simply what you want or what God wants?
Do wise and Godly counselors encourage you on that path? Or do they warn you against it? Never underestimate the fact that there is wisdom in a sea of Godly counselors. If everyone is warning you against what you are doing: LISTEN.
Oh, truly the heart is deceitful....
God never wants families destroyed or relationships breached. Any rift in a relationship is caused by Sin. Be careful to not contribute to the downfall of families today; Satan is out to destroy them and often uses the firstborn to start that chain reaction of dishonor and disrespect. Girls, don't let Satan take advantage; fight that war!

Naomi T. said...

Please write your name at the bottom of the post; I sincerely respect people more when they are not attacking anonymously.

Many times in the Bible, people have been called to a path that no one supported. Jesus was one example, Abraham, Job, Paul and Ruth are just a few of the others. Each of them was called out in singularity to obey God's leading. While a sea of godly councilors has it's time and place, so does following God's leading alone.

Jesus warned us that we would have to "hate" our father, mother, brothers and sisters to follow him. Why would Jesus say this? If any breach in the family is a great sin, then by saying this, Jesus is calling us to sin. Some people are not called to leave their families. I know a man who took care of his parents until they died. That was his calling. But God calls us each to different paths and who are we to judge those callings? Who are we to accuse? How can we judge?

In my situation, I would agree that it was sin that caused the rift in my relationship with my parents. But it was not solely on my part. You must understand this concept: parents can be the cause of the rift. Just as children can sin, so can the parents.

Anonymous said...

True, but this is NEVER cause to dishonor them. Ever. Even if I have disagreeances with my parents, I choose to honor them because God will reward me for keeping His commandments. And I never take my issues to the public and esp. not online. I will never talk about my parents in a disrespectful way to anyone outside my family. Period.
My parents are human and certainly not flawless but God gave them to me and they are perfect for me. They know me better than I know myself and I am thankful for all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding they've given me. The older I get, the more I realize they truly have blessed me and given me wisdom that so many others don't have because they chose to listen to God.

A Sister in Christ