Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beautiful Moments

These are some pictures I took of at a friend's wedding this month. I am only posting my favorites since the internet connection seems to be hating me tonight. :-P :-) But I hope you enjoy seeing the beauty of the bride and the wedding. It was definitely a highlight of my summer!

Ruth and Justin ... happy bride and groom

I find much art in this picture. 

The cake topper and the pretty cupcakes. Unique. ::happy sigh::

A dear friend of mine wore lace. That is definitely one of the reason I love weddings. They give everyone an excuse to dress in their finest, prettiest clothes. 


Anonymous said...

I love wedding shots! Thanks for sharing :)

Naomi said...

Ruth was a very lovely, sweet bride. It was so good that she was able to relax and enjoy herself on the day. :)