Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be Strong and Of Good Courage

I don't have much time for an update but I was reading this link off of Luke Baer's (hacked [by younger, mischievous siblings: hint! hint!]) FB page and realized how very blessed I am. I needed Jesse and he needed me. We both knew this (though I fought it quite forcefully for what seemed like a very long time). And even though he was scared to death he did what his heart told him was right: he chased me, caught me, told me he loved me, then let me decide.

Each of us is called to a different purpose. When I posted something similar to this on FB, a friend (happily married and expecting their first child) said she pursued her hubby and by the grace of God, landed 'im! I don't believe their is any right or wrong way. But we must be prayerful.

Only by the grace of God am I to be happily and very legally married to my man in 20 days and some odd hours. Only because I prayed and he prayed and God answered.

I wish everyone the happiness and peace we have with each other.

Jesse, I love you. And I can't wait to change my name to Naomi Twietmeyer. :-)


Anonymous said...

:) I smile remembering a conversation we had online (about you fighting it)and then after that your relationship came to be, all in God's plan, I guess we never really know, huh? He likes to surprise us with beautiful things! *SO* happy for you *hugs*

Anonymous said...

We got your invitation today; thank you so much!!!

Naomi said...

I'm glad the invitation arrived safely! And yes, it's amazing how God works past all of our troubles and unwillingness. :) He is so good to me. Jesse is so good for me!