Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ya'll Can Stalk My Blog Every Day....

... but today, pluck your courage, step forward and say hi!

*Who are you? 
*Where are you from?

That is the foremost, basic question. ;-)

However, if you have time and feel so inclined:

*How long have you been reading my blog? 
*Why do you read?
*Where did you find my blog?
*Of all the subjects I have written about or could write about in the future, what is your pick? 
*Do you have a blog?

I know you're out there because I am getting a lot of hits on my blog, all around the world. I am so curious about you readers. Can you share with me today? :-)


Anonymous said...

I think you know I read. :) I'm guessing I've been reading for ~2 years? Totally guessing there. :P I'm pretty sure I found it when I friended you on facebook. I love hearing about you and Jesse. Absolutely love it. :) And the more wedding pictures the better! I would love to hear stories as you adjust to marriage life and your new house and whatnot. :) I do have a blog but it doesn't seem to get written on much lately. ;)

Singing Pilgrim said...

I'm Pamela. I'm from South Carolina in the USA (well, was born in NJ, but have lived here since I was 7). I should be getting married and moving to India within the year, we're hoping.

I've been reading since the spring, I think? Not really sure, though I commented on your blog the same day I found it, so if you look in your comments for my first one, that's the day I started.

I read because I love blogs, and because I really like you. :) I sense a kindred spirit in you. We're from different backgrounds, and I think that accounts for most of our differences, but I'm also an artistic girl of about your age in love with Christ who grew up in the country (though not on a farm). My family isn't as large or, sadly, as Christian as yours. You also remind me of my best friend, Lydia, who is similar to you in many of the ways I am not similar to you, which is pretty awesome. I long to be a mom, especially by adoption, so to be honest that's the type of blog I usually follow (mom blogs), so you're one of the few non-mom women I follow, who I don't know personally.

I don't know about the subject pick. I guess I like people to pick subjects that reflect who they are. God's been teaching me transparency in blogging (while still respecting discretion when it's required) so that our light shines clearest.

I do have a blog. It's I think you've been there once (I hope more, but I think you've only commented once) and if any of your other readers want to stop by, you'd be most welcome. :)

Elisabeth said...

Pretty sure you know I read :D

I've been reading for quite awhile... probably around the time of HSA chat.

I love hearing about your nice new little family life.

I do have a blog ( but I know you already know of it :)

Anonymous said...

Jaclynn R.
I've been following you since before when you wrote in Hidden Wisdom and I love your blog, in which ,your personality shines through!
No blog, just an LJ (which rarely gets updated, ha)

Mystic ray said...

my bolg is mystic ray....i like the way u potrayed ur marriage celebrations ...And heartfelt blessings for this forever bond... me from India ... I am in love... But there is nothing happenning ...If at all Gods grace .... it would happen... I write only for my soulmate ..... only .... I feel my love is eternal...whther its accpeted or not .....
I am a Kindergarten teacher ....
About life ... I think life is Beautiful ...with all its pains and sorrows...Wisdom lies in gracefully..
Yes God or higher power wahtever u call present ...i believe so which takes care of Us..
U look beautiful ... like a cindrella for me .... love u from the bottom of the heart ....

Andrea Herrlinger said...

Why do I read? I enjoy reading the thoughts and adventures of another Canadian (I'm not quite one yet!) who's in exactly the same stage of life as myself. (Getting married within a few week of each other.)

I think I found it through Lindsey, but I was familiar with your name back when Hidden Wisdom was being published.

I love your real-life thoughts and stories. And pictures! :-D

Yup, I do have one, though not updated nearly as frequently as yours, or what I would like. :-)

Grace said...

*Who are you?
Grace. :D

*Where are you from?

*How long have you been reading my blog?
Um... I think about five years?

*Why do you read?
'Cause I love you. :D

*Where did you find my blog?
You told me about it. :)

*Of all the subjects I have written about or could write about in the future, what is your pick?
Lately, I have liked hearing you write about married life. On most blogs, the girls just write about the courtship and wedding all the time, then after marriage they drop off the face of the blogsphere. :D I'd love to hear more about your new life.

*Do you have a blog?
Sorta. I write for the family blog,, and also for

:) I doubt much of that is new information to you, but there you are. :)

Bekah said...

Must I answer the questions? I must? :P Oh bother... lol

I am Bekah and I love not that dreadfully far from you! ;)

I don't know how long I've been reading your blog~ a couple years maybe?

You told me about your blog! :P Duh. lol :D

I like hearing about every day life, mixed with a bit of spiritual, or totally random.

I have two:
My Personal/Ministry blog:
My Fashion Blog:

There you have it! *winks*

Naomi T. said...

I am loving all of these replies. Thank you so much, dear blog people. :) :) I am really enjoying learning more about you all!!

Kate Kirkland said...

I've thought about doing this for my blog?? May I steal this?? Anyway .....

I'm Kate. I'm from Alabama. We met in the HSA chatroom. I've been reading your blog for a year (I'm guessing). I read your blog b/c I love reading about your Adventures with Jesse! I found your blog when I friended you on facebook (that or either I asked you if you had a blog, I cant remember)Yes, I do have a blog! The address is:

I love you, Naomi!!!

Jen said...

Aw, this was a fun idea! Since I find stalkers, I may borrow it too :)

My name is Jen, and I'm from the Midwest US. I'm a 23yo Christian, newlywed and expecting baby Cate anyday now. I think I've been reading/following your blog for about 3 or 4 months now--but I've known of you from the HW/magazine/newsletter world. ;) I found you through my sweet friend, Lindsey's blog "Across the Range". And I've continued to follow because I love your writing style and spirit--it's evident in your posts that you love Christ, and the joy is contagious. ;) So thank you!

Naomi T. said...

You may take the idea for sure. It's not mine (and even if it was, you could still have it). :)

It's so much fun reading about everyone... even the people I know already. :) It's amazing to think of how many people actually read what I write... and even more amazing, how many people keep coming back. I find this so humbling. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know me :) I've known who you were even before you had a blog, I think. I believe I was introduced to you through Hidden Wisdom.
I'll follow you as long as you have a blog ;)
I hope we're friends forever!
Oh and I'm 26 and in Nor Cal. But you probably already knew that too ;)

Kate Kirkland said...

Because I filled yours out, you have to fill my out as well!!!

Miss Kirsten said...

I've been reading for a while now ~ I have no idea how long! and I have no suggestions as to what I'd like to read - seems I always find what I need to hear when I visit =) [and that is why I read]
how much do I say without saying something you might already know from Facebook? but I can't pass up the opportunity to tell people about my blog, so here it is:

p.s. hope Jesse gets back on those feet soon!

Naomi T. said...

Kate, done! :)

Miss Kirsten! You are a darling. Thank you for your lovely comment. I really needed to hear what you had to say today. Btw, it never hurts to repeat. I really appreciate the blog address. :)

I have enjoyed getting to know you better through the past few years!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Kitty, and I am also from Saskatchewan! :)I have been reading for a few months now, I really enjoyed reading about your wedding preparations! I found your blog by scrolling through the "next blog" button on the top of the page. :) I do have a blog! We Wandering Clouds :D

Naomi T. said...

Yesterday evening, I spotted that this post had 17 comments... instead of the usual 16. Boy, was I ever excited. Lol. :)

It's really nice when someone from where I live, whom I don't know, is reading my blog. It makes the world seem that much more mysterious. I love the internet. :) :)

Thank you so much for reading and continuing reading. I am off to check out your blog straight away. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tahl said...

I like to go by 'Tahlia' on the Net ...I'm originally from the Northeast US, but have been gradually moving more to the South.
I've been reading the blog for ...about half a year now.
I read because I love words -their origins, meanings, and the art of using them.
I found your blog on
I just enjoy learning about the lives of others -out of interest and out of a desire to learn how I can shape characters in my stories. =)
I have a couple blogs -only one is updated, and with school the updating has slowed significantly, but here it is:
Thanks for writing!


Naomi T. said...

It sounds as though we have some things in common. Thanks so much for taking the time to read... and comment.

Good luck with your writing! :) :)