Monday, September 5, 2011

Post #401: Dinner is Delayed By An Explosion

Can you believe it? 401 posts. So much in my life has changed since October 20th, 2008. I have grown so much spiritually and mentally; my health is so much better. And, there are only 5 more days until I become Mrs. Jesse Twietmeyer.

Yes, I am beyond this world excited. I have to talk myself through the day because I am a bit jittery and ridiculously emotional. :-) But underneath that shouting, wild joy is a quiet contentment. I am not frightened to be married to Jesse. I am marrying my best friend. Someone who knows me better than I know myself and someone I know better than he knows himself. To think that God orchestrated our lives, gave us decisions, watched as we grew and became better people, more ready for serving him and each other. It nearly blows my mind, to quote Fr. Banga. :-)

I was just chatting with my Aunt Edi. She lives down in Washington state and is a busy wife and mother. We don't get to talk often so this was a real treat. We were discussing weddings (no duh) and I suddenly had a memory from her wedding (I believe I was about 9 years old?)...  I remember the scene very clearly: about 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start, she was all dressed, hair done, etc., etc., so she came out and looked at the church and all of us dressed in our finest. Her dress was rather bulky and she wanted to sit down where it wouldn't get squished. The best option, as it turned out, was the piano stool. It seemed like a good idea. Getting up and onto it was not part of that good idea. Haha! But what I remember from her nearly falling off that stool was a laughing, dazzling shriek of gladness. I think what she needed was an excuse to make some noise. She was glowing... amazing... beautiful. She made me feel so glad to be alive and enjoying life.

Happy memories. :-)

Now for a funny tale:
Yesterday was spent over at Jesse's and my place. I was getting favor tags done (all of my craft stuff is over there), Jesse was completing his film project (it turned out so well... he's so pleased with it!) (I think it's great too) and Lydia went through our refrigerator. (It was pretty bad.) Anyhow, Jesse makes the best spaghetti. And I'm not just saying that because he's my fiance. He really does make the best spaghetti. :-) He was quite busy with this; had the hamburger browning in the frying pan and the sauce mixed and he had just put a pot of water on the stove for boiling the spaghetti... when suddenly, this horrible explosion.... or noise.... or something rocked the kitchen. Jesse yelled louder than I've ever heard him yell; Lydia and I both hollered too. It scared us half to death. After we were quiet again, Jesse asks, "What just happened?!" He was standing amongst a shards of glass plate. It had shot clear past the table and all the way over to the other wall. There were also shards on the counter, on the other side of him. It was underneath all of the stove burners and all around his feet. There was, literally, glass everywhere.

As it turned out, he had accidentally turned on the wrong burner. Instead of the back burner for the spaghetti water, he had turned on the front burner which had the plate he had set the defrosting hamburger on. Therefore, exploding plate/cold spaghetti water. As Lydia says, "The first broken dish in your house, Naomi. It couldn't have been more dramatic."

We were all so rattled. I helped with the cleanup and when I accidentally touched Jesse's foot with the broom, he yelped. Hehe! It's one of those things that you wish you knew was going to happen so you could watch it happen. It was all over in a second; we hardly realized what had happened until afterwards.

The best thing was that no one got hurt.

And boy, is it ever going to be exciting to marry this man. :-) 


Anonymous said...

Think of it as a "christening" of your new house. A toast of glass everywhere! =P
Yes, at least no-one was hurt!

5 days!! Squee!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether to laugh or cry or get up and dance with gladness at this post...because it containes all of the above, lol! But mostly a lot of sheer happiness for you two as you get ready to become husband and wife forever! :) I love you!

Bekah said...

I am laughing my head off, but at the same time, glad no one was hurt! :D

Naomi said...

Samantha, I like the idea of the explosion being the christening the house!! :D

Jaclynn, I am part laugh part cry at this point as well. Emotional. :) I love you girls, too. It's been a real blessing to have you as friends. :)

Bekah, glad it made you laugh!!

Bekah said...