Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Mad Tea Party

 The Mad Tea Party was a success. I haven't much time to blog about it but here are some photos. :-) Enjoy!

The Red Queen ("off with her head!") and the Mad Hatter ("who invited you to tea?")

The Mad Hatter and Alice. :-)

One poor card trying to fix a problem...

...he had a partner in crime.

The cards being sentenced to decapitation. How dreadful!

The Mad Hatter and Alice dancing... with the Duchess looking on.

The Queen requested live music and got it! Emily Klatt and a couple of cards provided...

Alice and The Mad Hatter opening their gifts. Such fun!!!

The checker board floor that The Duchess created. Look at all of the costumes!

Alice and The White Queen. Aren't we lovely?


Anonymous said...

So lovely! :D

Anonymous said...

How fun and exciting!!

Naomi said...

:) :) :) :) :)

Bekah said...

I love that last photo of you and Liddi! :D

Naomi said...

I thought we were rather whimsically lovely... ;)