Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I took some pictures when we were in BC, up at Paul's shop. Friday was a very overcast day, full of new snow. The falling snowflakes coated our hair and boots and coats ... and my camera! 

This is a shot from the top of the driveway, looking down towards the trailer. I liked the unevenness of the trees and how the snow broke up the solidness of the green and red. 

On the trailer, we had ice cycles hanging... ready for smashing. Jesse took full advantage of the situation.  

They are so stark against the white. When I was a kid, we called them Fake Tobacco and had many wars with the uprooted stalks. A whack from one of those hurt like crazy. Haha. My memory recalls the fact that  they're very difficult to uproot... or at least they were for a ten year old girl! 

When I saw this tree, I exclaimed and immediately began snapping pictures. Jesse said, "A dead tree?" :-) It was the color contrast that first caught my eye. Then I began thinking about the significance of the seemingly premature death. Even in death, it is possible to find beauty. 

My dearest. I love you! (He is most definitely the most wonderful man.)

I love old buildings. Again, it was the very distinct colors that grabbed my attention. I love the zoom on my camera!


 I always laugh to myself when we come around the corner and THERE is the purple door. I love purple doors... on shops; it is so unexpected!

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