Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Worst of Nightmares...

... happens when, in your subconscious state, your mind has created a brilliant piece of work. You wake up, fully intending to write it down for the world to see. But in your first fully conscious moment, your mind goes blank and stares haughtily at you from some unreachable place.

It's at this moment that you kiss your marvelous husband good morning as he goes to work and eat french toast with Nutella for breakfast.

Happy Day for Dearest Loves! Jesse, I love you ... every single moment of every day.

P.S. This is truth. I have been writing an article for the past two weeks. Several times, my dreams have dictated some cleverness that I wanted to write but to no avail. Today I painfully managed to complete a first draft. Deadline = tomorrow. :-P

God's way of keeping me humble, I think.

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