Monday, February 27, 2012

Of Hackers and Mountain Tops

Post Whitney Houston's death, a friend of mine posted a complaint about people in general. She asked why the public cares more about Whitney Houston than the fact of our freedom of speech rights are being taken away. I understand her criticism and I understand people's reactions. However, she made her point and it did make me think about this new bill that is being passed.

I don't agree with premise of the bill.

I don't agree that our freedom should be limited. I don't like it at all that the government will now legally be able to hack into our computers and phones. (Btw, if it's legal, does the word 'hack' still apply? They're taking all the fun out it!) But honestly, don't kid yourself: our computers and phones haven't been private since they were invented. I am not claiming that there is someone looking or listening 24/7 but they have the capabilities to do so.

My thoughts are numerous on the subject but that is all I am going to post for now... simply because I haven't researched enough to even make casual remarks. Which is what I just did. Lol.

And about Whitney's death? Death so young and at the hands of overdosed fame. It has happened before and it will happen again. That does not make it any less tragic. I truly hope she is finally at peace. Death and life deserve our respect, regardless of other things that distract us. She was a true artist; her voice was a gift that not many people are given.

On a brighter note, Jesse and I recently arrived home from our ski trip to BC. It was a great year for skiing. The conditions were just right. One day, it did rain at the base of the mountain but when Jesse and Sam went to the top, they said it was all powder.

There is a sense of paralyzing fear when I'm standing on a mountain, looking straight down and wondering how I am ever going to make it down without killing myself. That is me every single time. I keep wishing for the time when my confidence will trump the frightened part of me. I am glad for the experience because it forces me to face my fears and do what I am afraid of most. Ironically, I am not afraid when I am careening down the mountain at top speed; it's the turns that scare me. The fear seems irrational to me, even at the time... but that doesn't stop me from being terrified. :-)

My husband was with me every step of the way. He has been on the mountain since he was pretty young and is an amazing skier. He likes skiing stuff like black runs and moguls. But when I was on hills, he was with me. He never left my side. He never stopped encouraging me, either. When I would do something he thought was excellent, he'd tell me. All in all, he is pretty much the perfect husband. ;-) I love him so much. On a note of people who stuck with  me, Sam was pretty decent too. :-) She went and skied by herself as well but she skied a lot with us and we enjoyed her company.

One accident: it was due to my lack of confidence. I managed to land awkwardly and twisted my knee pretty badly. It actually hasn't hurt with that much intensity since before I had surgery. I felt something pop and twist and grind and oh boy, was I hollering. Jesse and Sam got me untangled pretty quickly. Because it only takes a little twist or landing the wrong way to make my knee into a walking watermelon, I was sure I was going to be incapacitated for the rest of our trip. We were way up the mountain when this happened and I wasn't sure if I could even stand, let alone get all the way down. Sam said she'd get someone to come get me if I couldn't get down. But I decided to give it a shot and we made it back to base with me still on my feet. The most amazing thing is that after that, my leg didn't swell much and it felt completely normal after two days. Yes!

Sam is so not a PDF person. She prefers a distinct lack of feelings. We know this very well indeed. She's also Jesse's younger sister, so of course, we like to torment her. How do we torment her? Oh. The normal ways. Make sure she's looking when we hold hands and stare dreamily into each other's eyes. And there's the loud comments... "I misssssseeedddd you!" "Can we cuddle now?" And we kiss. A lot. (We always kiss a lot but we make sure to kiss especially a lot when she's in the room.) Poor Sam! Hehe.

Well, it's getting closer to suppertime and the chicken is smelling awesome. I love chicken. :-) Btw, we had the most divine bison burgers the other day. Yum.


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