Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theater... my new role

Director: All right! Now -- I need one of you to take the Colonel's place."

Others: That shouldn't be hard. What does he have to do? Absolutely nothing!

Woman [Me]: I'm good at that!

How is they peg me every time?! Lol. ;-) Oh! You say. That's not true. You do a lot. You keep busy and accomplish much! But have you any idea of the secret desires of my heart?

To sit outside in the sunshine with that special someone (I don't even know his name yet...), a good book and fine chocolate.

So you see, it may have been a lucky guess to assign me that role but... ;-) Hehe.

I love theater.


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like great fun! I'd say you were there "at the opportune moment" hehe

The Ponderer said...

Those are actual lines in the film... Lol. ;) The theater production is, in turn, about the making of a theater production.

It is fun. :)

Galloping Guitarist said...

Sounds like you're having fun! :-) I hope and pray dear sister that your true wish will come true some day. :) Here's to a great day! I'm like so pumped right now! LOL! Just read my FB status! :-D :-D

Naomi said...

Thanks, Lyddy Lyddy! :) I'm excited for you and your progress with the horse. :)