Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Is Home -- George MacDonald

 Love is the part, and love is the whole;     Love is the robe, and love is the pall;   Ruler of heart and brain and soul,     Love is the lord and the slave of all!   I thank thee, Love, that thou lovest me;   I thank thee more that I love thee.    Love is the rain, and love is the air;     Love is the earth that holdeth fast;   Love is the root that is buried there,     Love is the open flower at last!   I thank thee, Love all round about,   That the eyes of my love are looking out.    Love is the sun, and love is the sea;     Love is the tide that comes and goes;   Flowing and flowing it comes to me;     Ebbing and ebbing to thee it flows!   Oh my sun, and my wind, and tide!   My sea, and my shore, and all beside!    Light, oh light that art by showing;     Wind, oh wind that liv'st by motion;   Thought, oh thought that art by knowing;     Will, that art born in self-devotion!   Love is you, though not all of you know it;   Ye are not love, yet ye always show it!    Faithful creator, heart-longed-for father,     Home of our heart-infolded brother,   Home to thee all thy glories gather—     All are thy love, and there is no other!   O Love-at-rest; we loves that roam—   Home unto thee, we are coming home!
--George MacDonald


The Panhandle Roughriders said...

Haven't heard from you past few days. Thanks for the forwarded package from C. It was lots of fun opening it. :D I have to go to bed soon, but love you lots. :-)

Naomi said...

Glad you got the package. :) Love you, too!

Singing Pilgrim said...

I love George MacDonald!