Sunday, October 30, 2011

snaPshots of my LiFE

…every single time Jesse sees a picture of a cat he says, “Awwww..”

…almost every time I put down my plate or bowl or cup, Snow tries to eat or drink from it. That is so annoying. Ugh. At least he likes me. J
… I love that you can tell people’s mindset so clearly when they post a comment.

…And then there's the moment when Eli Eli posts a new song they recorded.

...I scratch Snow’s tummy and he enjoys it so much he falls off the couch.

…I open a letter from my sisters and it begins with “Dear Naomi, I love you!”

…the day I asked a student if they’ve had any lightbulb moments over the past week and they respond, “Uh no. Unfortunately not.”  Haha!!

…teaching a student and seeing the understanding hit them like a freight truck. So exciting!

… that dear friend who texts me and we have a chat about good times. Hello, Molly! Hi Lindsey. 

…seeing the sunlight dyeing the winter trees in red and yellow hues. One of these days I’m going to get a camera and take some real snapshots...

…staying up to all hours talking to my mother-in-law. Girl talk is brilliant.

…driving by myself. I love the feeling that I am no longer dependent on people to help me get to work or go grocery shopping, etc.

...hearing that my sister Hannah also passed her driver's test and has a Novice 1 license. Yes!!

…finishing 10 modules  (well, more because some of them were doubles) of a course that I was taking on Pharmasave. About 10 hours and 50 pages of hand written notes later, I am happy to say that I have completed the course.

…writing movie reviews while inspired.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve written and published three movie reviews on Ponderings. I love the feeling of accomplishment.

…Watching and listening to kids expressing themselves. The other night I was at Missoula theatre and was amazed at what two great directors can do with 30 children in a week. One of them, Kendra (age 8), hadn’t really ever sung in front of anyone and she pulled off a solo that was awesome.

…being happy sad all at once. I keep talking to people about Mya Dawn and how her memorial was so beautiful. She was 21 months old and had only known love her whole life. The accident was so horrible and the sadness that encompassed the community was heartbreaking. But the love that was expressed at her memorial was so wonderful. I can hardly explain what I mean. Little Mya Dawn, may you shine in the presence of our Lord.

…waking up happy.

…seeing my husband and feeling a burst of love that makes everything in life better.

…talking to Jesse.

…watching people during drama practice. The jokes are pretty amusing. J

…praying for wisdom, then receiving it.

…feeling God’s grace each moment of every day.

…little boys. There was one sitting behind me at Missoula. I think he was about 4 or 5 and his mom had him sitting on her lap because he couldn’t see the stage otherwise. About 30 minutes into it, he says quietly and really patiently, “Mom, I hate sitting still.”

…going to work and keeping busy all day. Though, of course, it is annoying when you’re trying to do three different jobs at once and an emergency interrupts every three minutes. Lol! Yesterday is was a paper jam which I couldn’t locate even after taking apart the machine. But at least I wasn’t bored!

...watching a great movie and not getting over it for months. One I watched this past week was "The Queen". I thought it was well done. I have always really like Helen Mirren but she was so good in this movie. I understand why my sister-in-law always calls her The Queen whenever she sees her in anything. I have joined the ranks. 


Bekah said...

I have watched "The Queen" too... yep, the actor is very Queen-like, I agree!

Oh and I am posting photos on my blog, of my trip!

Anonymous said...

What sort of things did your Pharmsave modules cover? just curious :)

Btw, completely a coincidence right...but we are watching THE QUEEN right now! Ali picked it out at the house we are staying at. I've never seen it before, but am looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

We watched THE QUEEN tonight. how ironic is that! ;)

You have a beautiful, lovely life and I am so happy for you. Hurray to Hannah on getting her Novice 1 license. And yes, not having to be dependent on others to go shopping or get around is wonderful and so worth all the stress it took to get there.

Naomi T. said...

Bekah, I shall have to take a peek. :)

Jaclynn, the modules cover everything from product line to theft. How to work with co-workers. How to make sales. Etc. :) They were pretty informative though I must say that they repeated almost everything I had learned through hands-on.

Samantha, thank you! I think my life is beautiful too. And yes, getting the license is totally worth all of the work. I am actually glad it was so hard to get because I appreciate it a lot. :D

Isn't The Queen amazing?!

Bekah said...

I hope you will! :) I will be posting the final photos sometime this week! :)