Monday, January 10, 2011

Amazing People


Once upon a time, there was a night in which something spectacular and marvelous happened; a miracle was brought into existence and great joy reined in the hour: a little girl was born. She had dark brown hair (lots of it!), blue eyes and a vivid personality from the first. They named her Hannah Caroline after her grandma and she became my sister. The world was never the same again. 

My first memory of Hannah, or at least, of her existence, was the night she was born. I woke up briefly when my grandmother was picking me up and carrying me across the yard to their house. I remember sensing the excitement and all the lights and people and... promptly going back to sleep again.

My second memory of her consists of something I'm ashamed about but it sheds light on the way our relationship was... kind of... is... ;-) 

Second memory [::drum roll::]: 
Hannah (2): being irritating
Naomi (4): irritated
Naomi: seeks revenge
Naomi: does something to make Hannah angry
Hannah: is angry
Hannah: bites Naomi
Naomi: tattles
Hannah: gets into trouble with parents

Yes, it's funny and a little sad. I am sitting here hitting myself on the head and wondering at the devious thoughts of young children. Scary! 

Hannah and I get along much better now than we used to. ;-) There are many subjects we don't agree on and she's very annoying sometimes (I don't think that's going to change) but in spite of that, I have matured enough to realize that my sister is amazing. (I am quite serious about this, Hannah darling!!) Here are some reasons why: 

She is very determined and does not give up easily.
She works hard and laughs harder.
She is very creative and you never know what to expect from her!
She cooks/bakes WONDERFUL meals. 
She sews, crochets, writes, etc, etc... basically, works willingly with her hands. 

Her conscience is very tender... if she senses something amiss in her life, she will do everything in her power to get back on track. 
She loves children. Working at camp with her last summer was a wonderful experience. She usually had the littlest cabin of boys and oh... did they respond to her. Something about her... 
She has a generous spirit. It simply shines. She gives and gives and gives. It never seems to dry up! 
When she decides that God wants her to do something, she does not wait around for it to happen. She makes it happen. 
She is sincere and honest. If Hannah says something, she really believes it with all of her heart. 

And she makes the best smoked chicken in the entire province! She made her own smoker with an old range, a tunnel underground and who know what else. ;-) Whatever she did, it was right. I still have dreams about it. 

Hannah, you are a beautiful, brilliant, wonderful person whom I am so glad to have for a sister. I love you! May you find joy in being who God created you to be.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this!!
Hannah is awesome!! :)
Smoked chicken has me convinced. lol
But I love people who are sincere and honest; I have a friend who is honest and says what is on her mind and I really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Cute post. :P Oh and you might be interested in reading my "Ramblings..." post I just put up at :) Bekah

Naomi said...

Thanks Sam! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Bekah, I checked out your blog. Great reading. :)

Hadassah's Corner said...

Thanks Nomie.... nothing else will suffice. I love you too.

Naomi said...


Мила said...

I very much liked this post! Transfer from me greetings to the sister. I think that close people are the most important in our life.

Naomi said...

I am so glad you enjoyed this post. :) :) Thanks so much for leaving a comment. And yes, the closest people are the most important!