Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the Queen of Randomness

The show went well! In fact, it went really well. Once up on stage, my nervousness vanished and I was able to play and sing and enjoy myself.

Several musicians and friends of Michele's are coming to stay the weekend and we have been preparing. Last night, Michele made turtle cheesecake (it's a new recipe and she made her own caramels, which are wonderful but didn't quite turn out the way the recipe said so she is worried about serving the cake to company and I wondered since she had enough ingredients to make another one if we shouldn't sample this one just to make sure but she said no. Twice.) (there, I knew I could write a run-on sentence! ;-)) and lasagne, which I am quite looking forward to. I get to make french bread to go along with it!! Yay.

Went to the theatre meeting yesterday for the Easter play. It looks like it's going to be a murder mystery of sorts. I'm not sure if I am going to have a part or not. I have never memorized so many lines (well, I've memorized entire books of the Bible but that's a little different!) and I've definitely never been in a play that required so much  from me. It could be a good experience. :-) That being said, with everything else going on, I might regret committing. We shall see.

I've been reading "The Princess Bride". And laughing. Interesting thing: the book is not better than the movie. They're both equally creative. And funny.

One of my students wants to learn how to play "If I Die Young" (The Band Perry) on the piano. So I have been trying to learn it so I can teach her. I like the challenge. And I like the song. It's a bluegrass number with really nice words. Kind of a Appalachian Anne of Green Gables song.

It was *30 F (-1* C) yesterday!!!! Wow. I ran outside with no long sleeves on and I was not cold at all. I love this weather.

I watched "Appaloosa" the other day. I was so annoyed at the end of it. :sigh: Seriously, three very good actors. Three of my favorites. You wonder if any of them had ever read any westerns at all. :-P Plus, Ed Harris' character randomly loses his temper for no real reason and nearly beats a teamster to death. Interesting. I wonder why he put that into the movie? Just because he'd always wanted to randomly nearly beat someone to death? Can you tell I'm still annoyed? ;-)

And while we're on the topic of movies, has anyone watched "Young Victoria"? Opinion?

Anyone a Doctor Who fan?

I should go eat something and try to stem the tide of my cold. Or allergies. Or whatever it is. I started getting a sore throat when I began dealing with all of deceased Yoda's hair. Now my nose is running like a faucet. Lol. I'm taking zinc in case it is a cold. Maybe I should be taking more stuff. Hmm.

I am so glad God loves me.

Anyways, this is my random-ist post ever. Enjoy, Bekah dear! ;-) (And anyone else who may read this.) 


Bekah said...

Nope, this is totally not your MOST random post, but it definitely is RANDOM!!! And thanks a bushel Meme! I totally love these! ;)

I post a ton of random stuff on Buzz~ you really should follow me. You would probably enjoy it more than my blog, although I am doing much more random stuff on my blog. :)

It's great cause I am getting a break from blogging, due to the giveaway. I have 5 scheduled posts set up for February already, after the giveaway ends, and I will hopefully be doing another giveaway in Febrarury too~ sponsered this time! :D

Anyways, check me out on Buzz (I go by Bekah Wall and I am wearing a pink shirt in my pic)! You'd like what I post about, I am sure. :P

And I would like to hear comments on Young Victoria too! :) Haven't seen it either cause I am not sure if it's my type. :(

Naomi said...

I was looking and found this:

Hadassah's Corner said...

Praying for you sis. No fun being sick I know.... or having allergies. Take some B-Complex as well. :-) It always helps me.

Naomi said...

Thanks, dear! I'm feeling much better today. I have been taking stuff. :)

Singing Pilgrim said...

First off, you telling us the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius makes me realize that you've probably told it in Celsius before when you're saying it's like -30. Which makes me feel better because I thought you meant -30 Fahrenheit which makes me feel like a wimp. I think I've experience negative Fahrenheit temperatures only like once in my life. Usually it on gets in the teens here at the very coldest, some years it probably only gets in the twenties (though the last two winters have been especially cold). It also never snows more than like five times a year here (though it ices more frequently) and some years doesn't snow at all.

But sometimes in the summer it gets up to 110 Farenheit, and I don't think that can be said of Saskatchewan. Or Idaho.

Second off, I saw Young Victoria and liked it.

Third off, I adore Doctor Who.

Fourth off, I sign this comment off.

Naomi said...

Sorry! I was indeed speaking about Fahrenheit. ;) I don't speak in Celsius, yet! The winters are really cold up here!! Hehe.

However, I've only seen it get over 100* here once. So, I'm glad about that. ;)

Yay! Another Doctor Who fan!