Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, I haven't been bored! ;-)

It seems like I've been crazy busy for the past few weeks... Before Christmas, I worked for about two weeks on a Christmas present for Michele. It was a scrapbook about camp 2010; pictures, memories, quotes, etc. I spent about 8 hours a day on it and rarely left my room in that time. Lol. I really should start my projects a bit earlier in the season... I finished it last minute, as usual! But Michele liked the finished product so I'm not complaining. And, FYI, I do love scrapbooking. :-)

However, there were some very frustrating moments and I would complain bitterly to myself and my friend (fellow scrapbooker) Lindsey. Because it was a secret, I couldn't exactly write about it via my blog. So, you missed all of the really sarcastic remarks about how much I love the person who decided 12" x 12" scrapbook paper should not be exactly 12" x 12". So frustrating!!! Trying to get the paper on the page and having it go crooked, etc. Ahhhh!! Lol. Another one of my greatest moments of sarcasm was directed at the sticky things I'd bought instead of double sided tape. Mistake. Finally, I was smart and went into town and found some of said tape (somewhat of a miracle, according to the people I had asked!) which made my existence a whole lot easier. :-) 

Christmas for the first time in 15 years was lovely. I really enjoyed the dinners, the games, the conversations, the gifts, the decorations, the people... The best part of it was seeing Jesse again. He arrived safely in Saskatoon after spending his two weeks in Europe and oh, was I delighted to look into his face again... :-) :-) After Christmas, we went up to see my family in Endeavour. It went over quite well. The kids really liked him and Mom said they did, so I'm happy. :-)

Next day:
I meant to post this yesterday morning but I wasn't able to finish it in time. Jesse took me to Regina for what he termed our 'big date'. It was very fun and both of us were feeling quite well for only having just recovered from the flu. We enjoy our road trips because they give us time to talk and feel like we're accomplishing something at the same time. ;-) :-) We went shopping at comics/used books stores and ate a lunch with my dear friends Ray and Tahnis. We also saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D which was amazing. I really enjoyed that movie. :-) For those of you who haven't seen it, I would recommend the experience.

Back to the flu topic, has anyone else gotten it? It seems like almost everyone here has... nasty bug. I didn't have it nearly as badly as some, however. For that I am grateful. I have been taking some preventatives and hoping that tides me over. I am so glad I only felt sick and didn't actually have too many symptoms. Vomiting automatically sends the flu to a completely different level. :-P

So, this is my brief update. I am sorry to let it go for so long. May your weekend be beautiful and full of joy. Hugs!


Lindsey said...

I so feel your pain on the 12" x 11 1/2" paper! :P I would like to have a talk with the person who came up with that "brilliant" idea. And it is pretty much impossible to make it fit right on a normal 12" x 12" if you want it as the background.

Glad you are recovering from the flu. Thankfully I've managed to escape it so far.

Naomi said...

Yes! I found that out the hard way the first time because of *my* brilliant idea of creating the page without attaching said paper to the 'page' itself. Follow me? Lol. ;) God has a way of creating patience in me that I never thought possible. :P

Stay well!!

Naomi said...

Hm. That is just confusing. Agh! So, I took the sheet of paper and attached photos and my journaling to it, then tried to attach it to the page in the scrapbook.

There. Does that make more sense? Lol!!

Lindsey said...

Ahh, I get you...double whammy. :P The only time it can possibly work is if the colour on the previous page coordinates with the too-small-and-frustrating-size-of-paper-that-should-be-illegal-to-make you are trying to use. And there you have it. Scrapbooking rules according to Lindsey. :D

Naomi said...

We should create a law to that effect. ;)

Hadassah's Corner said...

Sounds like you're having lots of fun.... keep enjoying yourself. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to ear from you and glad the visit went well!
Did you get those little "sticky" peel off things before you got the double sided tape? I actually like those sticky photo squares because they're easy to work with. (esp for photo cards!)

Sorry to hear that the flu got you! So far no flu going around here; and I'm very happy about that!

Glad you were able to finish the project in time for Michelle. Scrapbook paper that isn't square? I hadn't realized but I can see how that would be difficult to work with!!

Naomi said...

Sam, I like some sticky squares.. they can be very handy! I think these happened to be cheap ones. They didn't work very well at all. :P The page features kept falling off! I kept having to re-stick photos, etc. The double sided tape made a world of difference ..

So glad ya'll haven't gotten the flu yet. May this season's bug pass you by! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, must have been cheap ones then! Mine are super sticky. I get the "black" box; not sure on the brand...
Double-sided tape is awesome except I hate the "cutting' part. I can never seem to keep it from sticking to my fingers =P

I hope we don't get the flu; we stay home a lot so that should help.

Naomi said...

As the old and overused adage advises us, "You get what you pay for." :) Hmmm... do you get the double sided tape that is on it's own dispenser? I've tried working with a plain roll of double sided and, yeah, it sticks everywhere. But when it's on a dispenser, it works really well. :)