Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show Time

Show day. I am excited and a little nervous... the usual. ;-) Michele and I had a pretty intense rehearsal yesterday morning and I discovered how to fake some stuff on "Home Sweet Home". Lol. After the show, I would really like to figure out this rhythm, though. I need to learn it. Anyways, here's to fiddle music across Canada and the people who's dreams and efforts keep it alive.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated! :-) Have fun today, my dear readers.  


Bekah said...

Guess who was at my place today!?!?!? :P:P

Naomi said...

Hmmm... could it be... some of my family? I know Dad, Mom and Ellie had to be there. Lol! How was Ellie?

Bekah said...

*Grins* Aren't you jealous?!?! :):):) Yes, they were...and Lydia, of course, cause that's the whole reason they came out to my place. :P lol And Cilla, Sara, Jesse, and Zeke were there. :) Just Martha, Riah, and Ruth stayed home. :) I even remember all of your names! Wow! lol :P:P Ellie seemed to be doing okay, but I think she was in a bit of pain. :) Tough gal!!

Naomi said...

Extreme envy is making my entire body turn to a vivid lime green. I talked to my Mom last night and she talked about seeing you. :) I'm glad you had fun!

Yes, Ellie is in quite a bit of pain. :( It's good that she is getting this surgery.

And congratulations on your remembrance of the names. Couldn't have done better myself! ;)

Bekah said...

LOL! I figured as much... :P

I hope Ellie can get surgery really soon!!!

LOL! :P You are crazy...and yeah, sometimes I can remember names, but other times, well...let's not go there! *winks*