Friday, January 21, 2011

So much to learn...

The show is on Sunday. We're having one last rehearsal today.

It has been interesting to play so much lately. I've noticed a difference in my playing and I have come to the realization that there is so much for me to learn about the piano. I have been forced to take a good look at myself and have seen areas in which I could be better. I am so glad for this time of my life.

There is one thing I am concerned about. Among the tunes we are playing on Sunday is a medley of three. It is called "Home Sweet Home". The songs are amazing and I love them. Michele plays them really well!! But the piano accompanist style is different (and more complicated) than I have played before. I am feeling slightly panicky because I *have* to get this part down. If I don't, the song won't have it's electricity. 

If you think of me and are so inclined, your prayers regarding wisdom and rhythm are greatly appreciated. 

May your day be as glorious as mine. :-) (I get to see Jesse!) (And watch my friend Emily play in Seussical!) (And rehearse with three phenomenal musicians.) (Does life get any better?) :-) 

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