Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was up at 7:12 this morning, trying to get the house cleaned. Jesse and I are spending this evening and all of tomorrow tearing up the old deck at our new house so I won't be in Carlyle to do my weekly cleaning. :-) I really like being up and working in the morning. It makes my energy level come up and last all day.

Lately I've been pretty busy. As you may have been able to tell! After coming back from Endeavour, I've been working, teaching and doing a multitude of other things that need to be done. One that I am most excited about is that I sent the wedding invitation information off to the person who is designing them. I can't wait to see the finished product. She always amazes me.

Well, work is calling so I'm off! Have a good day, folks!  


Anonymous said...

Busy busy girl! :)
I'm glad you such a good time at the wedding shower.
Have you put your registry links up yet or did I miss them?

Naomi said...

I haven't registered anywhere besides Amazon. :) Did you see that one? It's on the Jesse & Naomi page.

How have you been?