Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bridal Shower... Married Life Prep... and Lot of Fun Stuff

Back home, enjoying the rain and quiet. The weekend and the days surrounding it were lovely and full of excitement. The party was amazing. Many thanks to my lovely friend, Lindsey who worked so hard to organize everything. My mom and sisters were also amazing... and all the ladies at the church who spent hours of their time cleaning, helping and simply being there.

Has anyone heard of Everyday Style? They used that company for the party (bridal shower). Basically, people would order things off of my wish list (items taken out of the catalogue)... and if the orders were over a certain amount of money, I would also receive many things half priced and some for free. The quality of the dishes and accessories are good. We're quite excited about it all. :-)

We got the keys to our house and looked at it more thoroughly yesterday. Our conclusion? That we got our money's worth. We love our house. :-) :-)


Donzel said...

Wait.. you looked through the house and THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF THE INSIDE????

Naomi said...

Sad, isn't it? ;) I think Friday and Thursday I'll be able to take some pictures. Hopefully!