Monday, May 16, 2011

pictures from the inside of our house

Jesse came into PharmaSave today and brought me my camera and toothbrush. It was awesome. :-) So, here are some of the pictures I snapped the other day. I know they're not terribly good but they will give you an idea of what our place looks like. :-) I love our house!

This is where the porch was. You can see the full trashbags. It looked like a trash can or two had exploded under the porch. Perhaps the wind? We even found a rubber boot!

Jesse, his dad and mom loading the trailer with the wood we ripped up from the deck. These were the supporting boards/beams from beneath. Even some of them were really rotten.

The boards that were laying on top of the deck, after we piled them up. They were sopping wet! 

You can see the weeping tile if you look closely. Paul had to dig down a good foot to find it. This is the side of the house that we are going to have to jack up. 

The kitchen. :-) This room needs the most work, as you may be able to see! But we do have a refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, some cupboards, etc. We will have to sit down with Jesse's dad and plan how we want to renovate. 

I like the stove but I think I'm going to move it. Or have someone else move it. ;-) It's too heavy for me. Anyways. I would like it to be sitting in the corner of the kitchen since it takes up quite a bit of space where it's at right now. 

I always chuckle whenever I look up and see the crazy way they installed the stove pipe. Honestly. 

See that piece of wood hanging off? It's really badly burned. I am so glad the entire place didn't go up whenever that happened. Lol. ;-)

Master bedroom. Nice and big with a lovely closet. I adore those windows!!

Part of the living room and office. It's hard to get a good picture of this so you can see what it looks like..

Part of the living room, plus the staircase. 

One of my favorite parts of the house. I love this railing. Love it. Love it. Love it!!!

One side of the upstairs. Also adore this part of the house. No work needed. It's so beautiful.

Looking down the stairs and towards the skylight. :-)

I hope you can see why I love our house so much. :-) Can't wait to make it our home and live there full time. September is on it's way, thankfully. Hehe. :-)


Lindsey said...

I LOVE the warm, open rustic feeling! Have fun working on your new place. :)

Nila said...

Wow!!! Looks really nice. I'm a sucker for lots of wood and our house in MB has lots of wood and very similar rails across the loft which I love. And it comes with furniture? Are you going to be able to utilize much of it? Did I hear you say it was near a lake? How big is your property? Lots of questions.

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! So happy for you and I know you will have fun "fixing it up" ;o)

Naomi said...

Lindsey, some day you're going to have to come for a visit. :) :)

Nila, Jesse and I are also very fond of wood, so this house was perfect for us. :) Yes, it came fully furnished. Basically, Jesse could move in right away. We are going to sell some of the things because we don't need them or have newer, better ones. Yes, we are near the lake. Right now, you can see it from our house. In the summer, the trees will hide it and give us privacy. :) We have a small lot. Not much property. But it's enough for now. :)

Jaclynn, thanks so much!

Singing Pilgrim said...

I can indeed see why you love it! Such character! And I love the skylight. :)

Naomi said...

*G* I knew sunroof wasn't the correct name for it. :P Thanks. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same stove as ours - Pacific Energy Summit. We can heat our whole house with that alone in winter!
What a lovely place you guys have!!!

Naomi said...

It's good to hear positive feedback. I'll have to let Jesse know! :) :)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely!! I love the staircase railing and the upstairs is gorgeous! I can see why you want to move the stove ;)

You picked a great place!

Naomi said...

Thanks, Samantha. We love it. :)