Monday, December 13, 2010

We'll Meet Again -- Theatre Production

You may remember me writing about the first theatre production I was in. It was a WW2 musical review entitled, "We'll Meet Again". I believe Marian W. took most of these pictures, so I would like to thank her. Also, Marilyn Carter deserves some recognition because she burned the disk for me and made it possible for me to post these pictures on the internet. Thank you. :-)

Lori Brown is an amazing pianist. I love watching and listening to her play.

Getting ready to fall asleep.

At the end of the ladies' grand entrance.

Someone spilled liquid on the floor and the proprietor demanded it be cleaned up. But he decided to have some fun with the boys first. 

Waiting for the sailor....

Looking very innocent. I can't remember the occasion but he seemed to pull it off. :-)

Left?? Which left??! :-P (Never fails that my brain shuts down and I can't ever remember which is which. Lol!)

The Aspidistra number, which the audience always seemed to appreciate.

Being sassy. This picture makes me chuckle.

The cast

The sailor and yours truly. 

You'll see cast members in the audience if you look hard enough. :-) At the end of the show, we walked up the aisles, singing "We'll Meet Again". People would reach out and shake our hands as we walked by. 

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Hadassah's Corner said...

It looks like it was a blast. :-) Glad you've been enjoying the acting. See you around my b-day sometime. :-)