Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This girl has questions but she's learning that it's ok to not know everything. ;-)

The other day, two very learned, wise men took the time to have a conversation with me. They were not trying to teach me anything. They were simply enjoying talking about literature, life, people and the wisdom of their years. There is something timeless in discussing truth. I love asking questions and listening to the answers. There is something peaceful about sitting and listening to words. There is something beautiful in being able to think and pray and search... feeling no sense of criticism for not knowing the answer (and not knowing if I ever will).

I learned something. :-) It was about personality types. What we are, how we react to others... and that just because one may be introverted and another extroverted does not mean they do not need each other. If only I had understood sooner that human beings are... just that. They all hurt and bleed like I do. They all experience joy, though some considerably less than others. They all need love. Had I realized this at the age of 17, I would have saved myself a lot of grief.

But how does one learn? Experience, having an open heart to the truths, being willing to give up self for the other person... because me isn't that important. I am so thankful, though. I am glad to have had that conversation. I am glad to be walking this path. I am glad for the experiences and the uncertainties. I am glad for the joy and the sorrow. I am glad to discover things about myself and life... even if it is painful. The truth does set us free. Before we can be honest with others, we must be honest with ourselves and God. The most courage I need is for facing myself.

Well, it is time for me to sleep, so I will close this up and head off to dreamland. :-) Before I do, however, I wanted to say that I am still most thankful for love. I am thankful to be loved. By God, by man. Love is so powerful. It gives me wings and a stout heart. It is a good thing. :-)

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

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