Friday, December 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

Apparently, you can't eat six saltines in one minute. I've never timed myself but I tend to put them away pretty quickly. ;-) Hmm. I do love them. That and the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack (Danny Elfman), which I am currently listening to via (thank you once again, Jenni). I think the music actually makes me love the movie as much as I do! It's amazing... The Alice Theme especially sends shivers down my spine.

My apologies for the lack of blog posts in the recent days. After the play, it's been a mixture of spending time with my man, teaching, projects for the upcoming holiday season...etc, etc. This evening, I go to the theatre to help with the movie. I'm never bored. :-) I posted via FB yesterday how much fun it is to be happy. It is indeed. :-)

Speaking of the play, each night went well, though Sunday was our most brilliant performance (if I do say so myself!). I was so pleasantly surprised with how well it did go. The humor was laughable. The emotional scenes were emotional. The story was made into a story (by us! Imagine that!). :-) One funny moment happened to me personally. It happened while we were doing the last scene. We had just finished singing "A pig went out to dig..." and suddenly, my hair felt off centre. I was a little horrified to discover that the 'tail' of my bun was loose and the rest of my hair was threatening to follow suit. Lol! Subtly (??) I managed to correct the problem and all was well though until we did the company bow, I was moving gingerly. :-)

And my man is in Athens. Yes, Athens, Greece. [Jesse: problem fixed! ;-)] He is there to see his sister. Two weeks can't go by fast enough back here but I think it's a wonderful thing for him to be able to go on this trip. The experience gained by traveling is always something one cannot get any other way. And when he comes back... we're hoping it will work to go visit the family and celebrate Martha's and Hannah's birthdays. Jesse will finally get to taste homemade ice-cream.

Well, as you can tell, I did not get this finished before going to the theatre. :-) I had a lovely evening at the Waldner's, where I devoured (homegrown) chicken and wonderful potatoes among other things. If you ever want to taste a good meal, hope that you'll get invited there. No kidding. Anyways, Megamind was also splendiferous. I really enjoyed it, as was evidenced by my very loud laughter. I forgot I was in the theatre. :-P But it was a good evening, despite this fact. :-)

I am needing to hit the hay sooner than later, so I think I'll sign off and try to get some rest in before tomorrow arrives.


Anonymous said...

I can tell that you're never bored =D
LOL about the Saltines =P
Glad the play went oh-so-very-well; your hair excluded! At least it didn't fall off completely!
That would have been hilarious ;)
Wow, he went to Naples!! That's exciting! Does his sis live there?
Jesse has never had homemade ice-cream? Oh, he's missing out!!
I hope you make it back to see all the family and celebrate the birthdays too.

Lindsey said...

"Jesse will finally get to taste homemade ice-cream."

There are some things in this world that are wrong, having never tasted homemade ice cream is one of them. :D

Anonymous said...

I like grooveshark! :)
That is really cool that he got to go to Naples, I agree about traveling. It can be so eye-opening and breathtaking to get to experience more of God's creation. Is his sister studying there in Italy?
Seems I have seen bits and pieces of Megamind but I am not really sure what it is about..have to look it up!

Naomi said...

Sam and Jac, Jesse's sister is also traveling at the moment. She has been in Europe for awhile but has since completed her studies and has been using the remainder of her time to experience that part of the world. I am glad Jesse gets to experience part of it with her! :) :)

Lindsey, that was amusing. I like it! :)