Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Morning!

I have a wish for today:

That each moment, regardless of how happy or sad, joyful or annoying, be lived with appreciation for the life that has been given me. Think about it!

I can breathe.
I have health.
I have energy and strength to work a job.
My job is creative and wonderful.
I have great employers.
I am getting married to my best friend.
God's love is very evident in our lives.
I can talk with God.

I could go on. My point is, we can always find areas in our lives to complain about. And we can always find things to be thankful for. I want to be thankful today. :-)

May your weekend be glorious!! Any plans, peoples? 


Bekah said...

Plans...try library work, library work, and more library work! I am like living here!

Did I mention being in the newspaper of having a book signing or my books being in stores?

Hadassah's Corner said...

Study like crazy... play piano, maybe go for a walk, teach kids on Sunday. And hope that my headache doesn't last all weekend. :-) enjoying the warm weather... to bad I have so much reading and things to do... I'd be outside as often as I could be. :-) I'm waiting for spring... :-)
Love you... Keep that man o' yours from trouble and make him feel super important at least twice a day. :-)

Anonymous said...

You're one blessed girl! :)
Plans for next week include "craft day" with friends, a photo shoot with my very pregnant friend Megan, and just enjoying each day as it comes!

Naomi said...

Bekah, you hadn't mentioned that! Wonderful news. :) :)

Hannah, lose that headache. Immediately. ;) and enjoy that warm weather. Yay!! Oh yes. I try to make Jesse feel special. A lot. Because he is special. A lot special.

Samantha, I am indeed blessed. :) Enjoy your photo shoot and your photography skills. I would love to see some of your pictures... I am glad you are learning to live in the moment.

Bekah said...

Yeah, I was pretty thrilled. :) You can read the interview at ;)

Naomi said...

I read it! Congrats again!! So excited for you. :D

Bekah said...

Thanks. :) It really is getting my name out there!