Sunday, February 6, 2011

Odds and Ends

Isn't it interesting... I pray that God will cause my faith to grow. He always answers that prayer with a "yes" and I am always taken by surprise. :-)

Forgive the lack of detail but here is the basic structure of the past four days: I pray for faith. God answers prayer. Circumstances arise in which I am given cause to question every good thing in my life. My world, which I was growing rather comfortable in, rocked. I rock with it. Then I step back and look at myself, my world, God and the people in it. My conclusion? God loves me and has blessed me beyond anything that I could ask or think.

There are things I don't understand. I start wondering about them. But ultimately, I have seen that my Savior has guided me on my journey. I know He will be with me today as He has been with me each step that I have taken.

Moral of the tale? God takes you seriously when you pray.

Interesting things in my life lately:
1: I love Jesse more each day.
2: I worked two days this week at Dairy Queen. Awesomeness. I love my job. :-)
3: I must have slipped on the way home from work yesterday. My leg is swollen. Blah.
4: I will probably be getting way more hours at Dairy Queen which is so wonderful because getting married costs money. ;-) Plus, I love the experience.
5: I really like Ferrero Rondnoir.
6: The temperatures outside are sooo warm!! The snow is almost a little slushy.
7: Yesterday marked 3 months as a couple for Jesse and me.
8: The more Shakespeare I am indoctrinated with, the more I love him.
9: A journey with God can lead to some very surprising twists and turns.
10: My brother Jesse is living at a logging camp in the bush. I love that he is such a grown man...
11: My sister Ellie is on the waiting list for surgery on her shoulder. Please pray that she'll get it sooner than later because she can begin healing sooner if she has the surgery sooner. (Now wasn't that a statement of genius! Lol!)
12: I need to find birthday gifts for several of my sisters. I have an idea. And I think I'm going to Regina on Friday. I love shopping for gifts.
13: Valentine's Day is coming up. Now, never before have I ever seen the purpose or enjoyment of sending sappy love greetings to your True Love. But now I am the sappiest of the lot, as my beloved could tell you. Hehe. Why is it so wonderful to be told that you're loved? And to tell someone that you love them? It just is.
14: I need to get all the bedding cleaned up from last week's company. I managed to get the bathroom done yesterday... as well as some vacuuming and sweeping. That feels good. But I need to get all of that bedding folded up and into the closet or wherever it goes. :-)
15: I need to eat some good food for breakfast.
16: We picked the play for the Easter theatre production and it looks like I'm going to be having a part. Scary but such a good experience. I never thought of myself as an actor. I guess we'll see if I was right or not!

So, that is my life. Making wedding plans. Slowly. Hoping my mom can find that wedding dress soon so I can start talking patterns with people. :-) I have some really good folks around me who are knowledgeable about such lovely things as wedding planning.

Here's something for ya'll to do: find your favorite dress/pattern... favorite flowers... cake, decorations... or just one of the above listed and comment about them. I can always use ideas. :-) And I love talking about wedding plans. So much fun. :-)

Have a great week, ya'll! :-D


Anonymous said...

Loved, loved this post!!
and I know what you mean.... God does hear our prayers and He DOES answer them!
I once asked God to make me humble... that's a story in itself.

Wedding plans are so much fun! We did a lot of searching when my friend Meg got married last March. Hard to believe it's almost been a year and they have a baby on the way already!

Jesse (your bro) is growing up!!
Praying for sweet Ellie.
You're turning into quite the actress!!

That's great that you know so many people who can help you out with the wedding.

Bekah said...

Do I even have to say I like these posts?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of joy, love and prayers! I almost don't want to delve back into wedding planning...I mean not even go find a dress and tell you "I like this one", or "maybe this idea would be neat" although it has been a year, I just got burnt out on it while trying to be a good bridesmaid and help my friend, lol.
Do you have colors in mind?

Jenni said...

... my idea of a perfect wedding dress involves either medieval coolness or sci-fi coolness. XD Usually something from a favorite film because that's where I see most of the cool costumes. :)

Congrats again on the engagement. :)

Anonymous said...

Go with a medieval look, that would be awesome!! Or an Celtic look.
I saw this flower site the other day and thought it interesting for ideas.

Naomi said...

I understand about getting burnt out. :) That's what I'm trying to avoid with my wedding. I would rather have it be simpler ... but we'll see. I also want it to be nice! Lol.

I would like a nice green with blue, pink and burgundy thrown in?? (like a really vivid, sage-ish green... try this link:,r:12,s:0

Hopefully that works! ;))

As far as a dress, I want something that doesn't make me look over dressed. I want a nice, antique satin with a lace jacket or lace overlay. Elbow length sleeves. Not sure about the train yet. It would have to be a really special train for me to be ok with it. ;) I need to talk to Lindsey because I have a pattern in mind. It would probably look slightly medieval or Celtic.

Thanks for the link, Samantha.

Jenni, I agree. Most of the coolest costumes are from that genre.

Singing Pilgrim said...

I think that blue is my favorite color blue. And blue is my favorite color.

And your dress style sounds similar to mine, except I don't care if I look overdressed. It's my wedding day. :-P It's the dressiest day of my life, not sure if 'overdressed' is possible.