Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faith Building

My dear Readers,

Lesson #1: Do not pray for faith building experiences unless you want your life to be turned upside down, inside out and made into a football game for the angels. :-)

 I have seriously not had any inspiration for weaving words together for an entire week. I wrote letters. You should see them. No. You shouldn't. They're dreadful. Lol! I simply have not been in the right frame of mind. The last post I wrote I mentioned that I had prayed for faith and my world had been shaken. Every small thing I had secretly feared; every ill belief I had about myself, my life and the people in it... was thrown into my face. And it didn't end there: I was forced to take them into my shaking, disbelieving hands and decipher the truth about myself, my loved ones and God.

When I wrote that last post, God was not finished with the situation yet. I thought things had settled down. Not. Doors were slammed shut and others were flung wide open. I had to take some steps that frightened me but when I had stepped in faith, the wilted drought of the past was turned into beautiful alive spring. My world is green again.

The best things that happened? I discovered that Jesse is even more amazing than I had thought. (He never fails to make me laugh... as in the above picture. :-)) I cannot tell you how grateful I am for him and his presence in my life. Another great thing: I have healed so much in the past few months. I am more sure of why I exist. I am more sure of God's love for me. I am able to better serve... and receive.

Not first in the sequence of events but a very big part of them was the death of a friend of mine. He was 24 years old. He was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest. It hit the online community very hard. I can't imagine what his family must be going through. Please pray for them.

Ben's death made me realize how much I take for granted. My family. My friends. Jesse. The fact that I can, speak, play music, read, write, watch movies... learn. Breathe. Live. I worry about the stupidest things. Honestly! And this... well, it made me sit back and think about everything. What is important?

Next step in plan: I quit my DQ job. As much as I loved making the cakes and working creatively, the situation suddenly (and I mean, very suddenly) was not a healthy one. Michele advised me to move on and I did. I was scared. As usual. (Change!) But, once again, God's leading also became very clear and I knew in the very depths of my heart that it was time. And yes, you'd better believe that I will miss doing cakes. I really loved doing that. :-)

However, guess what? Another business in town hired me. I was called yesterday and my new job begins in a week and a half or so. I am truly excited. :-) It's at a Pharmasave and it's right on Main Street. I have become friends with the owner over the past few months as her daughter is in piano lessons. It's so nice to be able to enter a workforce on the strength of my own merit instead of accepting a favor from someone. (That being said, accepting favors have their own special place too.)

And THIS is what Jesse and I made for Valentine's Day. Michele made steak, potatoes and salad. Over all, it was a delightful meal. :-)

Mom's cheesecake recipe... drizzled chocolate chips, fresh raspberries and Lindt Dark Chocolate hearts... Does it get any better?!

Here is something I found thought provoking this morning... Charity Bishop is an excellent writer. I really enjoy her blog. If you would like a good read... :-)

And it's time for me to get on with my day. Oh yes! One more thing. Wedding plans are slowly taking shape. The official date is September 10th. I am working on guest lists and details and colors and who I want to be involved and who is going to be involved... wow. I love this. ;-) 

Ya'll have an awesome day, wherever you are! Is anything new happening in your lives? What have you been watching lately? Reading? Writing? Planning? 


Bekah said...

I will try leave a longer answer... :)

First, I understand a lot of your posts better now~ you know why. ;)

Second, I couldn't agree more~ it's like saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!" God always answers...and usually not the way we think He should.

Life is such a special gift. And we waste so much of it. When someone you know/love dies, it sobers you and makes you think. When Grandma died, it hit me that we all HAVE to die...and I wondered if people would be sad that I was gone and say what a blessing I was, or be happy and say what a sorry Christian I was...

That's so amazing...glad you have another job already. What a blessing!

Thanks for sharing pics of the cake you were making when we chatted for a few minutes. :) I was hoping you would...curiousity always gets the better of me. *winks*

I am still hoping to be able to come to the wedding ceremony at least!!!!!!! Oh I just bet a hopeless romantic like yourself truly is loving it. *giggles*

I am working at present, but not feeling great (cold, I think :( ) so not doing a lot. I am only working a short shift.

Watching the Duggar family lately~ their DVD called "17 Kids and Counting". Oh and I saw "All Roads Lead Home". I liked some of it, but other parts I didn't care for. The message was touching...

I have been reading "Furthur Chronicles of Avonlea" and loving it. No surprise there. lol :P And then "Petticoat Ranch" and "Calico Canyon".

Writing a lot of letters lately...only 2 more to go, but I haven't gotten the mail yet today.

Planning, well trying to set a date to meet Mags, but no other plans today. ;)

There~ long enough comment for you?!?! LOL :P


Bekah said...

Tell Jesse his creativity made me laugh too. :D

Naomi said...

Long enough, indeed! Like a mini-letter except awesome-r because it was left as a comment on my blog. Lol!!

Sometimes I really question the ways of God. In this case, the situation was a direct answer to my prayers. God answered... but he didn't answer in the way I thought he *would*. It was much better. I cannot fathom how much He loves us all. It makes my head spin.

Have fun today, in spite of your cold!! Btw, Bekah, have you tried Ginseng? It works wonders for me.

Lindsey said...

Cheesecake = delectable! :D

Samantha R. said...

Losing a friend like that is hard. There seems to have been quite a few gun accidents lately :(
We had a local boy; only 3 yrs old shoot himself last week. Miraculously enough, he is still alive and showing signs of hope.

Life is so precious. So very precious. We never know when we might be called HOME.

Leaving a job and moving on is hard. I sympathize with the fear of change.

Your Valentines dinner is delicious looking; can't beat Cheesecake!!

September 10th sounds like a great date. So glad you have Jesse in your life to lean on and help you through hard times.

Naomi said...

Lindsey: it was. :)

Samantha, while each situation has it's own horrors, I cannot imagine the pain and guilt the parents/guardians of the 3 year old must be experiencing right now. :( How are they?

And yes, life is precious. Let us live, live and live some more. Let us choose joy instead of complaints, love instead of hatred, forgiveness instead of bitterness. :)

How have you been?

DelightinginHim said...

Hehe, had steak, potatoes and salad also for Vday dinner. ;o)

I was going to say I am sorry that you have been going through some tough stuff, but maybe that is not quite how to feel about situations like that. I can relate...but coming out on the other side knowing that God has been by your side, faithful, and He has answered prayers...leaves a heart grateful, not sorry.

Thankful for you for the job change! I hope you love it and it provides for you and much much more than that!

Naomi said...

Apparently that meal is perfect for Valentine's! :D

Oh, your sympathy is always welcome. ;) j/k! God leads us through circumstances for our good. In my case, because I needed to grow. It's so easy to get sidetracked from what is truly important.

How is your grandmother?

Samantha R. said...


I think the 3 yr old was staying at his great grandparents when it happened early that morning. They are keep the situation out of the media for the most part so I'm not sure how the family is doing. I just know they feel absolutely awful about it though. Such a tragic accident! =/
The little boy is showing signs of hope though.

I'm doing fairly well. Busy as usual and happy about that. I'm missing my Dad and brothers like crazy how after 2 weeks of them being gone. But such is life and it's good for me to "get used" to situations. After all, we won't always be together forever.

I'm slightly disappointed in losing 2 jobs- one was every other Tues. and the other was a bi once a month job. One guy gave up his job so he had to give up us for now. The other is moving to Pennsylvania! So there are some changes there but God provides. :)

Our grandmother is doing well. She has moments of confusion occasionally but overall is good. She is well taken care of too.

Bekah said...

No, but I have heard of Ginseng. :) I am much better now! :)

Naomi said...

I'm glad to hear about the improvement of the little boy... can't imagine the emotions flying about. That would be such a difficult situation in every aspect!

So sorry you're missing your Dad and brothers. :( Keep your chin up. How long will they be gone?

And I am glad to hear about your grandmother. It has been touch and go hasn't it?