Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th -- Dream

It literally took me all day to figure out what I should take a picture of for today's challenge photo. Dream. I had so many ideas. One idea was drawing a picture of a dream I've had and taking a picture of it. Lol. But that seemed unnecessarily complicated.

As with many of you, I have many dreams. They range from spending 70+ years with my wonderful Jesse, to being a mother, to getting my GED, to writing a book (or two... three... four), helping my husband fulfilling his dream as a screen writer, being the best employee I can be every single day I work at Pharmasave, being a the best friend I can be, never getting angry over needless things, being wise, finding more about God.... the list goes on and on.

Some of my dreams are unrealistic, others are very realistic: we might be able to accomplish them sooner than later. But as I thought of these things, I realized that my dreams all add up to one thing:

 Always becoming MORE
always learning and growing; 
never ceasing in my search for God and Truth. 

It's true that I have seen glimpses of God. But He is never ending, ever faithful and always loving. I long to know Him more.

Always more.

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