Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18th -- book

My entire life I have felt an attraction to film, books, paintings, sculpture, etc., etc. Basically, anything artistic.

This particular book I think I remember buying at a garage sale for a dollar. Inside is a wealth of pictures and commentary on the evolution of Westerns; from their very beginnings to the 1960's. I figuratively drooled over it for hours, wondering at the world's fascination with dolled up, good for nothing cowboys and lame stories. But I couldn't judge too harshly: I was enthralled as well. Who can beat Gene Autry, George "Gabby" Hayes or Smiley Burnette?

As I grow older and experience life, I still find joy in art and a great happiness is finding a well told story.

To finish this description, I consider myself blessed to be married to Jesse who shares my love of creativity and art. :)  

Here are some images taken from the book.

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