Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9th -- Music

My Grandma doesn't play the piano. My Mom doesn't play the piano. You may wonder where the music genes in all of us Holter siblings come from. Lol. Because some of us don't just play music; it is a passion that fills us.

 However, those genes may have simply skipped a couple generations. My Great-Grandma Dorothy Margaret Chenoweth Vandermolen played the organ. I remember visiting their house and seeing the organ sitting in their living room. I always wished I could have heard her play. Grandma Pat had told me stories about it.

 After Grandma Van passed away, her sheet music was given to family. Her daughter, my Grandma Pat, has many of her books and sheet music and, in turn, she gave some of them to me. 

When I began to play the piano, this piece of music became my goal to play. Because of that, it became one of the first pieces I played with both hands. :-) And after playing it many times, I still think it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

I sometimes wonder if Grandma Van found the treasure in it as well.

Music runs in my blood.

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