Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3rd -- Black and White

All day long I have tried to think of something black and white. I tried to get a picture with the girls at Pharmasave. No such luck. (They were willing but the store was busy.) And I couldn't find anything in the store that caught my eye. Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough...

When I got home, I immediately pulled my camera out of the bag and said, "We have to find something black and white!" Jesse had several ideas right away. He was, in fact, very enthusiastic. (I love this man!) His first idea was the stove. The stove is white... and has some black looking stuff on it. I took a picture. 

The kitchen looks like a mad scientist was experimenting in it because I had been baking cupcakes last night and had not cleaned up after myself. (The cupcakes were delicious!) (And the kitchen is clean now. :-)) But aside from the mess room, the stove didn't seem to fit the bill of creativity. So we looked further.

My husband then grabbed the cutting board and a cooling rack and stacked them, "There. Black and White." 

But it seemed a little stark to me, so as he was about to snap another picture, I grabbed the last cupcake and placed it on the rack. 

Unfortunately, this adds some color to the B&W...

So I did this:

voilĂ !


Bekah said...

That's cool! :D

I like just setting my camera's setting to black n white :P

But if I have to photograph something that actually IS black n white, then I usually shoot for words on a page.... a book... a song... that sort o' thing. :)

Naomi T. said...

I am still figuring out the settings on my camera... where the black and white setting is remains a mystery that I am solving. Haha!

As far as black and white... books and music is a really good idea. People use that a lot. :) A friend of mine is also doing this challenge and she took a picture of a black arbor, chairs and table set in the snow. Amazing!