Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25th -- what's on your feet

My favorite socks!

I am ridiculously picky about my socks. When I was a little girl, I gave my Grandma Holter a very hard time about putting my shoes on because my socks weren't exactly lined up against my toes. I forced her to put my shoes on three times before I deemed it was acceptable. Looking back, I wonder how a three year old child held such power. Haha!!

However, all joking aside: if my socks don't fit right, my feet hurt. Weird, eh?


Singing Pilgrim said...

When I was a kid the seams hurt my feet so much I refused to wear socks or tights. My mom ended up finding footless tights for church and got me furry boots she'd powder each day before school (the powder and furriness elimintating the need for socks). Otherwise I'd scream and cry. (This was like kindergarten).

Naomi T. said...

It sounds like you had it worse than I did. How is it now for you? I'm still quite picky though I can make myself *not* mind, if I have to. :)

Carrie said...

haha, that reminds me of myself. Even now, I can't wear socks that have any sort of seam on the bottom, and if there's any tiny bit of anything (even if it's just a miniscule fuzzie) on my sock, I have to take off my shoe and fix it. My feet are ridiculously sensitive. :P

Naomi T. said...

Seams on the bottom are a killer for me... I don't know why it hurts so bad!! Lol!

How about holes in socks? They're also a no-no for me. They drive me crazy!

But as much of a pain as they can be, I love socks so much. I wear them to bed... and surprisingly enough, Jesse does too.

That wasn't even on my list.. ;)