Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 28 -- animal

Today was challenging. I went outside and took several pictures. It was definitely a bear day. 

We live in White Bear, so all the signs have white bears on them. :-) 
In my mind, this picture is the adult side of me. 
And since I simply must be taken seriously, this picture won. 

Whereas this one... 

... is most definitely my child side. 
I love it. Isn't he cute?
Bears are ferocious creatures, even when they're running away from you. They frighten me. But this bear is too cute to be scared of. 

You wanna know who I consider to be The Scariest Bear Of All? 

Lotso-Huggin-Bear (aka "Lotso") from Toy Story Three. 
The evil teddy bear and baby doll combo makes me shiver every time I think of it.

 I also took a picture of a moose.

Yes, Mr. Moose. It is indeed (::peers closely at the dial::) a little past 0* C. :-)


Mountain Mama said...

Cute post. And I think the white bear symbol is very cool!

Naomi T. said...

Thank you!

I know! I really like the white bear symbols. Apparently, they haven't been up for very long. I think it's a great addition to this place. :)